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Amazon welcomes Ziggy as the new male voice assistant

E-commerce giant Amazon introduced Ziggy as a male counterpart for Alexa. Amazon also introduced everyone to the new celeb voices including Shaq and Melissa McCarthy. It has been eight years since Amazon introduced the world with Alexa. Alexa is a female voice assistant of Amazon who is capable of setting alarms, creating a list, playing songs, telling you facts via Wikipedia, or informing about the current weather. There is a lot this female assistant can do. Now, Ziggy, the new male assistant is built to perform the same function but with a masculine voice. 

Alexa’s competitors Google assistant and Siri already have male and female voices. It was high time for Amazon to add a male voice to its assistant devices. 

The Amazon Ziggy will be helpful to people having more than one amazon device. This can help to avoid confusion and easy access between different amazon devices of the male and female voices. 

According to the sources, Ziggy can only be accessed in the United States as of now, and later it will be introduced in different parts of the world. However, Amazon has not given any dates regarding the launch of Ziggy in other countries. 

It was observed that Ziggy is not a permanent name for the male voice assistant; you can anytime rename it with any of the amazon wake words like “echo”, “computer”, “Alexa”. In short, it is just another Wake word for amazon devices. Earlier, this feature was available for the feminine voice Alexa as well. Just like Alexa now can say, “Ziggy, Play a song.” And you will have your work done. 

For changing the wake word, you need to select the device you want a different wake word. Go to device settings and then click on the wake word. Under the option, you can pick one of the wake words of your choice. And just like that, you can change the voice of your device. It can be done both manually by switching between New and original simply or by voice. “Alexa! Change your voice” this much will work fine. “NEW’ voice means Ziggy and the Original is Alexa. 

Both Alexa and Ziggy are not associated with any particular voices. Alexa can be accessed by a male voice and similarly Ziggy with a feminine voice. However, it was noticed by the “New York Times” that Alexa always introduced itself as an AI and has no gender, But Amazon has referred to Alexa as “she” and “her”. Apple’s Siri and Google’s google assistant are also not associated with any gender. Siri voices are categorized as voice 1 and voice 2 whereas, google under colors. 


Amazon has recently announced in the Amazon’s Alexa Live event about being partnered with Matter, which will help amazon devices to have better communication between them. Amazon has also planned to upgrade its Echo smart speakers along with Echo dot, Eco Studio, Echo Plus, Echo Show, and Echo flex speakers to support Matter. 

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