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America's History of Flying Saucer Patents

In the realm of aerospace engineering and inventive breakthroughs, the concept of Flying Saucer Patents holds a unique place. This intriguing journey of innovation and ingenuity commenced with the creation of the "Discopter" by a Dutch-American artist and engineer, Alexander Weygers, and has since blossomed into a fascinating field of study.

The genesis of this fascinating journey dates back to 1927 when Alexander Weygers envisioned the Discopter—an aircraft capable of vertical takeoff. Interestingly, this invention bore an uncanny resemblance to what we now refer to as a "flying saucer". Weygers' motivation for this design was not mere coincidence. The Discopter was conceived with a practical purpose in mind—to design a vehicle capable of rescuing individuals in emergency scenarios.

Alexander Weygers Patent

Alexander Weygers Discopter Patent


The term "flying saucer" was catapulted into popularity during the year 1947. This was when Kenneth Arnold, an amateur pilot, reported an unusual sighting of an airborne object in the skies over Washington. This incident, coupled with another infamous episode in Roswell, New Mexico, sparked a widespread fascination with flying saucers.

Following these events, flying saucer enthusiasts and inventors alike began submitting their unique designs to the U.S. Patent Office. These submissions represented a wide array of ideas, each with its own unique interpretation of what a flying saucer could and should be.

According to Google Patents, approximately 192 patents in the U.S. have been issued under this specific category. These patents demonstrate three distinct periods of increased activity—initially between 1953 and 1956, then from 1965 to 1971, and a significant spike between 2001 and 2004. This data provides a fascinating insight into the ebb and flow of flying saucer patent activity over the years.

A closer look at these patents unveils a treasure trove of visionary ideas. These inventive minds, driven by a blend of curiosity and ambition, have given birth to a variety of remarkable designs. Each patent tells a unique story, reflecting the personal vision of its respective inventor and their interpretation of what a flying saucer could potentially achieve.


Pilot inside of Avrocar

In delving into the details of these patents, one cannot help but notice the evolution of technological advancements in the field of aerospace engineering. These patents are a testament to the progress humanity has made in the quest for mastering the skies. They also reflect the changing perceptions and attitudes towards UFOs over the years.

A fascinating aspect of these flying saucer patents is the concept of vertical liftoff aircraft. This innovative concept, first introduced by Weygers, has since been incorporated into numerous flying saucer designs. The benefits of such a design are manifold, particularly in terms of its potential applications in emergency rescue scenarios.

Project Silver Bug 

The Cold War era was a particularly fruitful period for flying saucer patents. This was a time of intense geopolitical tension, leading to a surge in technological innovation. Many of the designs from this era continue to hold relevance today, offering intriguing insights into how societal events and attitudes toward UFOs influenced periods of increased patent applications.

The history of flying saucer patents is a testament to human ingenuity and creativity. It showcases how inventors, driven by curiosity and a desire to push boundaries, have taken a concept rooted in popular culture and transformed it into a scientific endeavor. As we continue to explore the skies—and beyond—who knows what the future holds for flying saucer patents?





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