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Between July 2006 and Jenin: The Legend of Invincible Army is Shattering

Seventeen years since the last Israeli invasion of Lebanon, the second winning battle after their exit in 2000, the balance of power hasn’t been in favor of Israel since that time.


Islamic Resistance in Lebanon (Hezbollah) attempts a military operation at the Palestine-Lebanese borders, taking two IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) as prisoners as a step to return the Lebanese prisoners that Israel still prisons there after 6 years of its exit, and seeking to return Shebaa farms for Lebanon after being disputedly occupied by Israel.

Israel’s government escalates and starts a war that ended after 33 days, killing 1109 Lebanese people, injuring more than 4000 others, mostly civilians, and displacing around a million. The cost of damage according to the Lebanese government was around 2.8 bn, the southern suburb of Beirut had the most devastating damage where a hundred thousand people lived, which took years to rebuild from scratch, and as many southern villages as Qana, Bint-Jbeil, Ayta Alshaab, and Maroun Al Ras, that resisted the Israeli missiles fiercely. 

When Israeli Brigadier General Gil Hirsch was saying that the work is almost completed and the terrorists were fleeing Malyutka missiles on the Israeli soldiers of the Bint-Jbeil battle. Ayta Alshaab was almost erased by Israel, and UNHCR claimed damage almost reached 90%.

Not only civilian buildings and Hezbollah’s military establishments, but also vital infrastructure such as hospitals, roads, schools, residential units, industrial establishments, and the energy distribution network, people lived in devastating conditions the whole months without any water or electricity supply.

On the other side, 43 Israeli civilians in addition to 117 IDF were killed in this war, according to Timur Goksel, who served as spokesperson and advisor for UNIFIL for 24 years: “Israel didn’t achieve what it wanted militarily. Hezbollah stood up to them and didn’t lose, the metric [of victory for Hezbollah] was the result: Israel didn’t achieve its military ends and they caused friction and debate in Israel. You just can’t use the classic metrics of success.” That was also the opinion of retired Israeli judge Eliyahu Winograd: “Overall, we regard the second Lebanon war as a serious missed opportunity. Israel initiated a long war, which ended without its clear military victory”, and “entering into the war without an exit strategy was a grave failure. The decline in Israeli capabilities started with the drowning of the marine barge “Saaer” in front of the Lebanese coasts after the resistance bombed it.

On the other hand, it’s known about Jenin and its camp and its resistance since the two Intifadas especially the second in 2002. Jenin’s camp borders Jenin’s municipality with more than 14000 drowning in poverty and low-life conditions since its establishment. After a snowstorm in 1953, the old original camp was destroyed to renew itself by hosting all refugees from surrounding Palestine cities that had no shelters after Israel’s establishment. In 2002, the second intifada destroyed the camp again by Israel occupying the camp after ten days of intensive fighting, destroying more than 400 houses and displacing more than a quarter of the camp’s residences.

UNWRA reconstructed the camp again by adding more land to reduce overcrowding, but the conflict started to increase as operations from both sides increased, 4 refugees were killed during operations in 2014. 

Jenin: Beginning of July 2023

The invasion that lasted 2 days resulted in 12 killed Palestine youths, 8 of those who were killed are from Palestine Islamic Jihad, Jenin Brigade according to a statement to the militant group. In addition, more than 100 were injured and 3000 displaced from their homes, and those who stayed lived in miserable conditions such as electricity, water, and children’s milk shortages.

This operation aimed to weaken the resistance power inside the camp year after year, Islamic Jihad and other military forces started to grow taking control from PA that dwindled its tasks to Israel. Palestinian Authorities aren’t the kind party in this conflict according to the Palestine people, accusing them of collusion with the enemy, and handing over their youth to them, although it claimed in a statement last week an 18-point action plan that included suspending communication with Israel.

Daniel Hagari IDF Brigadier General said in those two days while the operation gets intense that they are fighting terrorism in Jenin, and won’t get out without finishing it, but they didn’t take much time to understand the willpower of these young men who throw mediocre bombs and use light weapons, and day after day they get more power from their allies in Gaza and all cities in the West Bank and even Iran and Yemen.

As usual, Palestinian people mourn and bury their children and claim them as “martyrs”, and regain their strength through every battle, they know nothing other than existing in their land and fighting for its sake.

On the other hand, the fear of a war with Hezbollah after the military maneuver they last did last month is taking over the Israeli government that is flopping internally with increasing demonstrations over the Netanyahu government accusing it of corruption and taking wrong decisions. Except that the situation on the north borders with Lebanon and Israeli escalation by occupying the Lebanese village “Alghajar” seems to portend new chaos if the escalation continues as the General-Secretary of Hezbollah “Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah” said in a statement on 12 July that it is not permissible to remain silent about the occupation of the village Al-Ghajar, and Lebanon's stance regarding this issue must be decisive, and that the issue of Al-Ghajar village is among the responsibilities of the Lebanese state, adding that there will be an integrated effort between the state and the Resistance regarding this matter.

In a state of permanent enmity, the two sides are always preparing for any possible war approaching, but in the case of Israel, any new regional battle threatens the existence of its whole entity.



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