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Canadian Travel Slowly Recovers, But Cross-border Activity Remains Below Pre-pandemic Levels

Statistics Canada recently released a report on the travel trends between Canada and other countries in February 2023. The report shows that the travel industry has yet to fully recover from the impact of the pandemic. While travel restrictions have eased in many parts of the world, some travelers may still be hesitant to travel internationally due to lingering concerns about COVID-19.

Despite the challenges, there are positive trends emerging in the Canadian travel industry. The report highlights that Canadian residents are gradually increasing their international travel. In February 2023, Canadian residents made 3.3 million trips abroad, which is triple the number recorded in the same month of the previous year. However, this number is still only 76.5% of the pre-pandemic level in February 2020.

Visitors from overseas countries made almost two and a half times as many trips to Canada in February 2023 compared to the same month in 2022, which is a promising sign for the tourism industry. The number of trips to Canada by visitors from abroad in February 2023 was 1,200,979, an increase of 186.1% compared to the same month in 2022. However, this number is still significantly below the level observed in February 2020 before the COVID-19 pandemic.

The report also provides some details on the most popular modes of travel for Canadian residents. Of the 3.3 million trips taken by Canadian residents abroad in February 2023, over two-thirds were taken by automobile, with just over half being same-day returns. The number of Canadian residents returning from trips abroad by air was also higher in February 2023 than in the same month in 2020, continuing a trend of recovery in this area.

While the travel industry is not yet back to its pre-pandemic levels, there are indications that the situation is improving. The Canadian government continues to monitor the situation and adjust travel restrictions as necessary to protect public health. As the situation continues to evolve, Canadians and visitors to Canada can expect further updates on travel trends and restrictions in the coming months.

According to the report, international arrivals are still below pre-pandemic levels. This may be due to a variety of reasons, including concerns about the safety of travel and ongoing travel restrictions. Many countries are still imposing travel restrictions and quarantine requirements on travelers, which can make international travel more challenging and less appealing.

However, the report also highlights some positive developments in the Canadian travel industry. The increase in international travel by Canadian residents is a promising sign for the recovery of the industry. Additionally, the significant increase in visitors from overseas countries making trips to Canada in February 2023 is also an encouraging trend.

It is worth noting that the report only covers travel trends for February 2023. As the situation with COVID-19 continues to evolve, the travel industry may experience further changes and challenges. It is important for travelers to stay informed of the latest travel restrictions and guidelines before planning any trips.

Overall, the report shows that the Canadian travel industry is slowly recovering, but there is still some way to go before it reaches pre-pandemic levels. As the situation continues to evolve, Canadians and visitors to Canada can expect further updates on travel trends and restrictions in the coming months.

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