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Digital portal between Lithuania & Poland

Vilnius, Lithuania built a ‘portal’ to keep people connected.

The Project is meant to promote the idea “Rethink the Idea of unity”.

Amidst the global pandemic, where people are weary of pandemic travel restrictions and aching to go out to meet new people from different cultures and backgrounds, cities like Vilnius, Lithuania made interesting solution to it: a real time Portal to another city,



They really went all- in to the idea that seems like an erstwhile sci-fi movie/show.

These cities have installed a circular “Door” as a portal which connects to another portal in Lublin. They are established near the railway station. Poland is roughly 600KM (or 375 miles) away from Lithuania. Both cities have installed these doors with camera and glass that broadcast live Images from both of respective cities; this is kind of digital bridge between these two countries. The ideology behind the creation of this bridge to make people “Rethink the Idea of unity” Go Vilnius, said in a press release.

BenediktasGylys, president of BenediktasGylys Foundation and who Go Vilnius credits as the “initiator” of the portal idea, said:-

“As Humanity is facing many challenges like Pandemic, Global Warming, Terrorism and many other potentially dangerous challenges, but still if we look closely we don’t have lack of brilliant scientists, activist, and knowledge of technology, leaders & ideas causing these challenges. But it is tribalism, a limited perspective of society, narrow empathy view which is only limited to national borders only”.

He also added that “it’s a bridge that unifies and an invitation to rise above prejudices and disagreements that belongs to past”.

 Here the circle design, meant to evoke the wheel of time, and engineers designed a well known sci-fi symbol at creativity and innovation centre, (LinkMenufabrikas) at Vilnius Gediminas Technical University— aka Vilnius Tech. It took five years to bring this dream project into reality just at the end of yearlong pandemic is well timed. More portals like these will be added in future in other cities. This portal is a joint project with BenediktasGylys Foundation, the City of Vilnius, the City of Lublin, for inter-cultural initiative.

AdasMeskenas, director of LinkMenufabrikas said:-

“Meaningful projects like these are born when diverse people succeed in working together and achieving synchronicity. Projects like these require a board and multifunctional team, as from design and 3D modeling, to digital content development and logistic challenges.”



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