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Doomsday Clock  Turned to 90 Seconds as Europe Spirals Into Conflict



On January 24, The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists set the doomsday clock to 90 seconds to midnight. The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists was created by a team of scientists that helped develop the first nuclear weapons, including Albert Einstein.


The Agency has consistently warned the world of the dangers that nuclear weapons pose since it was created in 1947. The world we know is in the greatest danger that it has ever been since the end of the Second World War. It is in even more danger than it was during the Cuban missile crisis. We are at a level of danger that the world has never seen before.


As the clock was being set, the U.S. and Germany agreed to send high-powered tanks to Ukraine, while Trump was let back onto Meta. The Agency warns of a multiplying cascade of events, including the rise and misuse of technology, the spread of disinformation, and the accelerating spread of pandemics.


A standout event was the rise of ChatGPT, which has left educators scrambling and led to a fear of the replacement of white-collar workers. Against the backdrop of all this is the threat of a global recession and possible depression coming in 2023, while a conflict that has affected the whole world rages in Ukraine.


One could even argue that nuclear war has already begun. It has been reported that Ukraine has begun bombing sites inside Russia. What is not reported is what the targets are that Ukraine is aiming at. Ukraine has begun bombing Russia's nuclear strategic bombers, which are located near what is presumed to be a nuclear silo base. The planes and the airbase are located near the silos to be easily armed.


In 2022, the world became numb to the prospect of a nuclear disaster. Russia began attacking nuclear power plans that could have leaked radiation across Europe, a disaster that would be worse than the Chernobyl disaster. All of this could have easily justified a swift response from NATO, including the United States. There were plans to invade Belarus, which were rejected.


Now NATO countries have decided that simply throwing money into the war machine and hoping the problem will solve itself is not enough. The U.S. and Germany have decided to send their best-made heavy tanks to Ukraine, without Americans or Germans there to operate them. Russia called the idea laughable and said they would simply burn and have no effect on the war.


Russia constantly threatens nuclear war on Russian State TV, and Putin said "Taboos of war could be lifted." But it appears that nuclear war has already started. We are relying on the guidance of scientists on the matter to tell us when the clock is at 90 seconds.


We should listen to scientists, but we also need others, such as philosophers. Sometimes scientists can be even too cautious. A glaring example is their underprediction of how dangerous climate change will be when we have relied on scientists as the very ones who are screaming at us about the issue.


What some do not realize is that there may be no way out of this conflict. It is wise that we should pursue all avenues of peace, but peace cannot come at any cost. We have spent a decade trying to achieve peace with Russia, and it has greatly backfired. The fear of nuclear destruction cannot stand in the way of protecting the interests and sovereignty of Ukraine.


What is scarier to think about is that there are battle plans drawn up and shared publicly about how to fight a nuclear war, including but not limited to flying strategic bombers over the Arctic into Russia. What is even scarier is a world where we don't fight at all.


Imagine if we let Ukraine not be a country anymore. Ukraine has been treated like garbage, and, surprisingly, Russia hasn't nuked Ukraine. It looks like he just thinks Ukrainians are useless pawns and wants to use them as a base to continue his war with the West. There might be no way out of the conflict because Putin is insane, or perhaps he is already dead and using a body double.



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