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Larry Lazor: Stance on Abortion as a Republican OBGYN

Larry Lazor is an Obstetrician-gynecologist (OBGYN) located in Hartford, Connecticut. He is also a republican candidate for the US House of Representatives. His campaign website states that he is running for congress to help fix our broken political system and to build a better future for your family, and the great state of Connecticut.  He is the candidate for the first congressional district of Connecticut. His website provides information on his priorities that surround topics such as the economy and foreign policy as well as healthcare.


As a healthcare professional who has worked at Hartford Hospital for over 32 years, healthcare is a big priority in his campaign. He clearly expresses his stance on the U.S healthcare system through statements like “There are many in our state that lack access to or trust in our healthcare system and are left with lower life expectancies and higher mortality outcomes according to disease data. Many middle class families are stressed by high costs of insurance or high deductibles that lead to financial hardship if they need treatments or evaluations in the emergency room.” While he doesn't believe that the U.S should have a single payer system, he feels that everyone needs affordable healthcare.


He has voiced on many occasions and interviews that he is pro-choice. In an article with the Hartford Courant, he says “I have been clear from the beginning of my candidacy that I support abortion rights.” He notes that this is a decision he did not come to lightly. “I’ve had countless difficult exam room discussions with patients over the past 30 years.” Given his background and professional past, he describes the types of people he’s spoken to about abortion. “I have seen children pregnant from incest, pregnancies caused by sexual assult, fetueses with anomalies significant engouth to call the baby’s quality of life into question, and woman who have medical comorbidities that make pregnancy a life-threatening proposition…the ability to opt for an abortion is important.” He supports elective abortions until the baby is viable. 


His stance on abortion is predictable considering his field of work. Yet it contradicts the beliefs of his party. “I understand that as a Republican, my pro-choice positions makes me sort of a unicorn in this political climate, but I believe that doing so is important.” He stands for deviating away from views one “should have” for the sake of change. “I’m a Republican because I believe in limited government. That said, the abortion issue is one I feel we Republicans have gotten wrong.” He stands by his opinions and encourages the members of his party to do the same. While he may be pro-choice, he does not abide by the methods of those he chooses to side with. “Attention-grabbing tactics like staging mock abortions in front of churches and purposefully antagonizing pro-life demonstrators aren’t helping anyone.” 


In order to minimize unplanned pregnancies, he plans to initiate more effective sex education and expanding access to birth control. While politics may not be the most desirable topic of conversation, it is definitely an important one to have. The more civil society chooses to be, the more vulnerable it becomes to progress and change.


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