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Our World’s Paradigm Shift: Why the Recent Attack on Israel Should Be a Wake Up Call for  Everyone

Retired Col. Miri Eisin, Media Commentator and Director of the International Institute for Counterterrorism at Reichman University, speaks to Jewish people around the world on the fundamental paradigm shifts in Israel, the Jewish people, and the world that are in place due to the attacks on October 7, 2023. 

Masa, a group offering Israel programs for young adults, has been inviting Speakers from different expertise in Israel to educate individuals on the importance of the horrific attacks on October 7. 

On November 8, they invited Miri Eisin to speak to young Jewish adults calling in from Berlin, Israel, New York, Florida, etc. One month after the attacks, Masa blessed the Jewish people with a unique perspective from an Israeli professor and expert in counter terrorism. 

Professor Eisin begins this zoom meeting by calling these attacks a paradigm shift. But, what even is a paradigm shift? 

“A paradigm shift is a fundamental change in the way that people view the world and how things work,” Eisin said. “Hamas, a terrorist organization, changed the way that we view terror and created a new innovative terrorist attack.” 

Eisin expressed that there are 3 main parts to understand about this paradigm shift. The first is the change of how people look at terrorism. The second are the implications of Hamas as part of the Muslim Brotherhood and the idea that what they have planned for months, was able to become a reality. The third is how social media has changed wars and the ability of terrorist groups like Hamas.

Eisin explains that Israel has always approached terrorism in a preventive and preemptive manner.

“Israel’s main goal for decades has been to do everything in their power to prevent any terror attacks from happening,” Eisin proclaimed. 

With that in mind however, Israel was unfortunately naive on October 7 in the way that they were not able to fully deter Hamas from planning and executing immense atrocities against the Jewish people. 

"To stop terrorism, one has to fully think like a terrorist. This is not an easy task.

As successful as Israel has been in the past, on October 7, Hamas won. Eisin clearly stated that people need to know that the fact Hamas was successful in their mission is a threat to everyone everywhere, not just people in the Middle East. 

“After October 7, we are no longer living in the same Israel or the same world,” Eisin stated. 

Eisin transitions into the topic of social media and how the presence of social media platforms took this attack to an entire new level that the world had yet to experience. 

Hamas planned this war for months and with that, they planned and executed a media plan.  

“I am going to call it what it is,” Eisin said. “This was a full-on media propaganda plan from Hamas that was so incredibly successful it has led to the highest antisemitism levels that the world has seen since the second world war.” 

Anyone with access to social media, knows how quickly platforms like Instagram and TikTok took to engage in discussions about the war in Israel. One might think of that as positive, but with terrorist organizations having access to those same platforms, this quickly turned negative. 

“I would see videos of terrorists proclaiming with pride things like, ‘Look Mom, I just killed 10 Jews,’” Eisin said. 

Eisin pointed out that people were saying “Jews,” not “Israelis.  

With these videos surfacing of terrorists boasting and bragging about the murder of Jewish people, Jewish individuals began to spread this information in hopes of revealing the truth to the public. 

“Hamas knew that the Jewish people would begin spreading these horrific images and videos,” Eisin said. “This was a huge part of the media manipulation plan of Hamas.”

Eisin goes on to explain a concept in psychology that has to do with when someone shares pornography of violence, they are then hated. 

“There is pornography of sex and pornography of violence,” Eisin stated. “Hamas wanted people to use their horrific acts to somehow create an extremely antisemitic view of Jewish people.”

She explained that when human beings see something so deeply horrific and graphic, they subconsciously blame the person sharing that information, regardless of if they are the one to perform those evil acts or not. 

Prior to the recent attacks on Israel, social media was not as prevalent in the destruction of the mental and physical health of Israel and Jewish people across the world.

Eisin speaks to the Jewish people and reminds everyone to stay calm and pray. 

“Despite this war being a paradigm shift,” Eisin said “I am hopeful that Israel will survive and thrive, but it will never be the same.”

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