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Outlook of 5G In post covid world.

In 2020, communications reinvented the way we team up, learn and work. Digital transformation has taken place within some weeks, when large proportion of world population is confined to their homes. This rapid switch took place in most technically resistant industries, among small & medium businesses & across all over the world, all over the countries whether advance or developing. 

This report concludes the outlook of 5G technology all over the world by analysing  the role of 5G in the short, medium and long term in the context of the pandemic that is pre pandemic, post pandemic Economic crisis. there are five key takeaways from interviews & workshops. 

1. In modern technical era of 2020's robust 5G infrastructure will be  inclusive economic growth and competitiveness.

2. 5G has the potential to democratize computing and helping to close digital divides. 

3.  Success and Broad-based gains are essential to achieve by public & private partnership. 

4. To flourish economy on 5G based technology countries are required urgently for cross industry investment policy. 

5. 5G is general based technology which will open gate to enhance our potential of cloud computing AI & edge computing. 


Executive summary :-           

 The year 2020 brought global challenges that none of us could have ever expected or had experienced before in technical world. Which cause an immense shift of businesses & goverment on adaptation of digital reforms within the weeks, which couldn't be possible and could take sevral years in adoption of these technical upgradation. We haven't faced such pandemic & dealing with the pandemic has given us more flexibility & resilience by adopting these technological upgradation to deal with uncertainities as in future whatever form they may take .

This switch to digital technologies 5G plays central role in post covid world as we are emerging from a pandemic. Given that it is the first mobile network designed to connect a massive number of devices in addition to humans, 5G presents a central opportunity for digitization. Interviews with global chief executive officers, presidents and chairpersons of leading technology companies have curated the following nine specific opportunities:


1. To manage workplaces, generating data-driven insights to ensure better productivity as well as safe and secure operations,  Remote operations are required. 

2.To make travel & transport more efficient connection of transport through real time vehicle to vehicle communication is required. 

3. Increasingly integrated digital and physical lifestyles post pandemic world, It requires mass adaptation of technological upgradation  which will bring new wave of smart & personalised service. 

4. Automation of asset-management processes freeing up time for asset utilization and increasing workplace safety and security can be done smoothly by smart monitoring. 

5.Surge in 5G adaptation will bring new management techniques driven by ability to monitoring in a sustainable way which will benefit environmental protection protocols.

6. Efficiencies in carrying out complex and repeatable, sometimes hazardous, operational tasks can be achieved by autonomous robotics. 

7. Wider uptake of benefits across communities through public-private collaboration & democratising 5G will cause efficiency in use of scarce, available resources.

8. Regionalizing 5G by can be done by earlier deployment of incentives to people & businesses who are far from urban areas so that they can also take part & contribute in digital economy.

9. Experiential living – transforming our interactions socially in ways like  classrooms, while gaming, with families, and in many other social and community settings.


5G is set to play a key role in a post-COVID world:-

5G will play a vital role in post covid world, numerous markets have seen an acceleration in 5G Network deployment in 2020. Industry analyst have suggested that 5G will benefit 3.8 million or 2% upto gross by 2035, supporting 22.8 million jobs, these benefit fill be felt in many businesses due to expansion in use of 5G. Despite of this many businesses are feeling capital constrain under pandemic . But as soon as we emerges from pandemic 5G is expected to have a profound impact in both developing & advanced economies across themes depicted below. 

Industrial growth:- The pandemic has forced us to adopt the digital tools & practices in weeks, which wasn't possible to adopt that easily or could have taken several years to adopt & get used to of them. This sudden transformation has challange the physical location of businesses work , 5G will play role to sustain change haphazardly forced on industries during pandemic, as we move beyond addressing pandemic related emergencies, 5G role in embedding impacts will emerge.

Social cohesion:-  Pandemic threaten to exacerbate inequality, mostly in densely populated regions including South Asia, South East Asia , Africa, Middle East & Latin America & some developing countries. Deploation of 5G network has become more attractive in during the pandemic & in post pandemic world as compared to pre pandemic due to flat topography and a lack of fiber combine to make the case  for deploying 5G in developing markets. With the benefit of shared deployment models, 5G is also poised to expand into regional areas outside cities in many countries. 

National development:- To earn benefit form 5G collaboration of both public & private sector is required. Realizing the opportunities of 5G, this requires a favourable policy environment  to remove obstacle that delays or prevent the rapid & Wide up take of 5G. The pandemic has underlined the importance of technologies that will support societies in adopting digitalization. 5G is this poised to contribute to nation wide uplifts in GDP & employment in countries. Fast & fair 5G deployment needs enabling policies to a accelerate site acquisition and promote the sharing of infrastructure. 

Opportunities for 5G to enable transformation in the long term:- 

1. While 5G is a mobile communications technology, its impact will be felt both in terms of mobility across geographies as well as in micro-locations such as factories, homes and sites designated for specific use. School or university,  healthcare (e.g., a clinic or hospital). Broadly, three themes for 5G to enable transformation in the long term have been identified:-

1. As world full with natural disasters, emergencies  & natural uncertainties , remote operations provide an opportunity to remotely manage physical work place, data driven insights for better productivity with safe & secure operations. 5G enables AI enabled real time remote diagnosis. A critical for sustaining many industrial & community support functions in post covid world. Some industries like disaster management, Healthcare, manufacturing & utilities are now using smart machine visions combined with AI for better detection, reporting & insight. Remote operations will help to remove geographical barriers and especially when used in conjunction with other technologies, reduce the potential for human error. 

2.The way learn, excercise , consume & do many things has changed completely in 2020. Mass technological shift and adaptation has bring a new wave of smart personalised  services to connect our increasingly integrated digital & physical lifestyle. According to Huawei’s global survey post covid world is expected to be even more changed as surge in adaptation in technology for new & safer flexible ways to interact. It's expected that there will be more than  20 billion PCs, tablets, VR headsets, smart watches and screens and other smart devices. 5G will be the first smart mobile connection which will connect millions of devices rather than hunderds of humans.

3.To earn benefit form 5G govt. and private players have come with joint hands and they have to make sure that while regionalizing 5G incentives should be provided in advance to people & businesses who are outside or far form urban areas, So that people & businesses in these areas won't left untouched while technological shift taking place at global level and people in this less densified business areas are also be able to participate in digital economy recovery must reach out to every area not only to urban areas, semi urban should also be provided the aid so that they can also take beneift from technological shifts. This will ensure further growth in agriculture, resilience in managing natural disasters such as bushfire, utilization of scarce resource such as water. 


Conclusion:- 5G has a crucial role to play in post covid world as world is full of uncertainties. We can grasp various opportunities with 5G as we need resurgance of economic growth. In collabration of PWC & under strategic guidance of WEF's 5G global acceleration community have identified various ways which will help in shaping initiatives related to digital inclusion, digital transformation & fourth industrial revolution broadly in upcoming months. 

Image by ADMC from Pixabay

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