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Presidential Approval Ratings Reach an All-time Low

As of May 2022, President Joe Biden’s approval ratings have reached an all time low, with 53% of registered voters surveyed holding an unfavorable opinion, and 43% holding a favorable opinion- a -10% net rating. Vice President Kamala Harris isn’t faring much better, with a 52% unfavorable opinion, and only 40% viewing her in a positive light, and lastly, a -12% net approval rating, according to the LA times. The executive branch is struggling to maintain a positive image with the American people, and a lot of people are frustrated about how they have handled a variety of issues; including the Russian war on Ukraine, inflation, and gun control.

Most recently, the issue of gun control has been brought to the forefront of problems within America. This could have been an opportunity for the Biden-Harris administration to regain some popularity, but President Biden has been hesitant to make a definitive statement; and has been deflecting responsibility. When asked by reporters if there is a component to curb mass shootings, Biden responded that he has not yet begun negotiating with Republicans, and how it makes no sense how you can buy a weapon capable of shooting up to 300 rounds, yet offered no viable solutions to actually solve the issue, via an interview with The Hill

He has also contradicted himself on the issue, once claiming “I can’t dictate this stuff”, and deflected responsibility onto Congress; saying it is up to them to ban assault weapons and strengthen background checks. Yet a few days earlier, when visiting a crowd in Uvalde, Texas, where 21 children and teachers were killed last Tuesday, the crowd began chanting ‘do something’, to which Biden replied ‘we will’. It is down to the contradictions and lack of responsibility such as this which has frustrated the American people and resulted in Biden’s historically low approval rating.

These ratings come a few months before the midterm elections, when all 435 seats in the House of Representatives will be contested, as well as 35 of the seats in the Senate in November 2022. The Democratic party currently holds a majority in both the House of Representatives and Congress, so Biden should not have an issue passing legislation he finds favorable. If the approval ratings of Biden and Harris are representative of the Democratic party, they might lose majority in either the House or Congress -possibly both, making legislation more difficult to pass. The ineffectiveness of the Biden-Harris administration is frustrating voters, which could result in swing states turning red in upcoming elections. 


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