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Rajasthan government registers child marriage, young generations’ childhood and future is at stake

In a world, where we are still thriving for equal rights, a child is more likely to be in school for education and never expected to work and earn for their family and contribute to society. However, in the same modern world, a state legally passes a bill to promote child marriage in society.

UNICEF survey suggests, at least 1.5 million girls who are under 18 get married in the country every year, liable for one-third of all globally.

Young people getting married at a very early age, lack skills and knowledge, because they have to earn and take of their family at the time when they were supposed to build a career for themselves. Early marriages lead to having children at an early age, which in itself is a big responsibility when the couple themselves are children, later on having more children, which increases the economical burden on the family.

The couple has no proper knowledge of sex education or family planning. Lack of this knowledge might lead to sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS. Physical relationships are also not scientifically healthy for the kids. According to experts 18 is the ideal time to start involving in sexual activities. This has nothing to do with society and its norms, but with physical and mental health. Child brides have children when they are children. They face a lot of domestic violence in their in-laws, which ruins their childhood and certainly their future altogether. They have a higher tendency to complications due to pregnancies and might even die during labour. 

However, the recent law passed by Rajasthan Government, takes away basic rights from children, putting them in a world they are not prepared for physically and mentally.

On 17th September 2021, the Rajasthan government passed a new law, which will register child marriage legally. Despite child marriage being illegal in India. According to the new bill, a couple can file for registration with the marriage registration officer in the place where they have lived for more than 30 days.

Shanti Kumar Dhariwal, Parliamentary Affairs Minister, said the contrary, "The bill does not say that child marriage is valid. The bill says that after marriage, only registration is necessary. It does not imply that child marriage is valid. If the District Collector wants, he or she can still take action against the child marriages". Now the question arises, Why register something when it’s already not legal or valid?

There have been many reports that state that child marriage was backed up by many prominent Indian leaders. Earlier in 2012, published an article titled, “The Only Good Reason to Have a Mass Wedding of Child Brides”, written by Jen Swanson describing the mass wedding ceremony of underage girls and boys as a “welcome event.” According to the article, child marriage is "the least of two evils" when compared to girl prostitution.

In 2018, Sobha Chauhan, a candidate from Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), openly announced, she won’t interfere in Child Marriage if she won. Another BJP leader, Gopal Parmar, backed Child Marriage in the same year, addressing it as a way of stopping, ‘love jihad, divorce and elopement.

The children should learn how to take responsibility when they become adults, and choose their partner if they want to have a partner or get married. They have the choice to stay single if they want to. Marriage should not be the only goal, unfortunately, it still is in many parts of India, even in 2021.

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