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Sexual Harassment in name of Covid? Is this Humanity?

Sexual Harassment In The Name Of Covid? Is This Humanity?

Humanity, a noble word we all learned to use through societal learning. As the years go by, we gradually lose touch with our compassion. Hate sours, love grows cold, and we celebrate instant gratifications. All we see around us is more humans with less humanity. And it gets worse in the face of the pandemic as it continues to rise.

This year India is spiraling under the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. The country is in high need of medical supplies and oxygen cylinders. To support the rising number of affected persons in the hospitals. Some traders are trying to sell the oxygen from the black market sources for money.

In the middle of the crisis, two incidents have left me and many questioning our humanity.  I shall be sharing them below.

New Delhi, India: A Twitter user has reported that her friend's sister, whom she addresses as “like a baby sister”, was asked for sex in exchange for an oxygen cylinder for her suffering father by an elite colony neighbour.

Mumbai, India: A women named shasvanthi Siva from Mumbai posted her number on Twitter asking for ventilators and plasma for her family member who is all infected by Covid-19, She expected to receive resources and contacts as she trusted the social media and humanity of social media person, but in return, she received unsolicited penis pictures, she got to endure these sexual harassments just because she trusted humanity of people.

“I have always believed in the power of the internet and went forth and put out a request on Twitter asking for help or contacts who could point me in the direction of a ventilator. I was given multiple contacts who helped out. In about six hours, we successfully found a ventilator," Siva wrote. But her ordeal didn’t end there.

The family member’s condition got worse, she needed plasma therapy to treat her family member's symptoms. Despite trying in several apps, networks, and communities aiming towards connecting plasma donors to those who are all in need, the task was challenging. Siva once again turned to social media for help. “This time, a few friends stepped up and got a few influential accounts to post on my behalf. Soon, my mobile phone number got passed around on some stories and some tweets. I panicked a little when I saw my number on some popular accounts, but a friend reassured me this would be the easiest and quickest way to reach me," Siva wrote in Vice.

Siva further warned women to “NEVER, EVER, let your number out in public forums".

This inhumane act is not the first incident to have taken place amid the covid pandemic. On April 14, a medical coordinator was arrested for allegedly outraging the modesty of a Covid-19 patient quarantined in a hotel in Suburban Andheri. The accused is accosted by the victim, tried to molest her, and demanded sexual favours from her, PTI reported.

Recently Indian cases are spiking to a high level. Desperate patients and their family members have been posting in all platforms of communication, especially, social media platforms such as Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram, to solicit for a bed, vaccine, oxygen cylinders, and medicines like Remdesivir, and N95 masks.

On one side of the media, people are selling fake medical products such as masks and supplies. Some perverts capitalize on the vulnerability of those trying to save the lives of their loved ones.

We all took the oath “All the Indians are my Brothers and Sisters”, quoted in the second line of the Indian National Pledge. What happened to those oaths and promises to help each other as citizens went? Have we completely lost our humanity? Is sex more honourable than morals and dignity?

These questions are for you and I.

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