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Telegram app case; a Bulli Bai row. A telegram channel targeting Hindu women by sending obscene photos is blocked by the government

There is a telegram channel named "Hindu Randiyan". This channel was brought into existence last year in June, targeting Hindu women, as they shared their obscene images and abused them.

People were questioning the authorities about why no action had been taken to prevent online abuse of women in the country after seeing the rapid convictions made by the state in the Bulli Bai case.

The authorities had closed a Telegram group that reportedly harassed Hindu ladies and distributed indecent images and harassed them digitally. This was stated by the Information Technology Minister, Ashwini Vaishnav. This followed amidst a few people who were detained by the Mumbai Police Department in connection with the recent Bulli Bai app case, which attacked and humiliated Muslim women online.

After the country saw quick arrests made in the Bulli Bai case, people started squandering all over the internet and came across one particular Telegram channel "Hindu Randiyan". This channel continuously shared obscene images of Hindu women attacking them on social media. This channel also shared hate messages towards the targeted women. As a result, this telegram channel got currently banned.

There is no information about who has started the Telegram group or what measures the cops are taking against the culprits behind this vicious channel.

Although some may differentiate the occurrences based on religious beliefs, there is no disputing that they both targeted women online and constitute cyberbullying. In both situations, the ladies had no idea how their images had gone viral. Some reduced criminals may have stolen photographs from social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and others and used them to create bogus websites or morph their pictures.

While the Bulli Bai app was only known to a limited number of internet users, when a group of Twitter users began identifying the accounts of women spotted on the Bulli Bai app, it escalated into comprehensive online abuse. The app quickly went viral, and the females who were targeted began to be mocked and abused publicly.

It isn't about being Hindu or Muslim; it was about making women feel insecure on the internet. The Indian government had shut a Telegram group that was reportedly spreading vulgar photographs of Hindu women following the Bulli Bai app issue.

The attack came after the controversy over the Bulli Bai app, which had put images of Muslim girls for auction. A bunch of Individuals launched the web platform intending to make money. The police had taken swift action at this point, arresting three people so far. The probe is still ongoing.

Such occurrences, which targeted women of a certain faith, demonstrated how vulnerable women in the nation are on the website or in the online environment these days.

The IT Ministry on Tuesday ordered the closure of a Telegram channel named 'Hindu Randiyan,' which disseminated images of Hindu women among its followers and assaulted them, following a series of widespread Tweets on the social network Twitter. According to reports, the channel was launched in June 2021.

It just came to light when the Bulli Bai app case was being investigated, as one of the Twitter users by the name Anshul Saxena exposes the channel.


The app's mysterious creators and Twitter accounts that advertised it has also been charged by the Mumbai cyber police station.

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