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The Forgotten Pandemic- Has COVID-19 been put to a halt?

It has been 2 years now since every news head and every news program has been feeding us information about the COVID-19 pandemic and the progress of the pandemic. It is precisely around the same time when the world has been shocked again by a new wave of terror that we have forgotten to ask: "And the Covid?".


In recent weeks, we have been inundated with news of a terrible magnitude coming out of Eastern Europe. We are worried about a potential conflict that we feel day by day touches us a little more closely and makes us feel vulnerable. In the frenzy to help, to create chains of solidarity, to welcome fleeing civilians, and to put every tool in our possession at the disposal of the Ukrainian population, we have forgotten, or rather, we have put aside the anxiety about the pandemic. Is it the positive numbers of these last months, the hospitalizations that are going down, or the vaccines that are bringing the desired results? Or is it simply that in the midst of an emergency we have identified a higher priority for intervention? Have we all done a cost-benefit analysis and in an altruistic way, moved by the goodness of the human soul, have commonly chosen that our attention and our forces should, and could, be moved to something larger and, at least at this time, more serious? How and when did this happen?


The topic of Covid-19 and the consequent containment measures have always divided nations and citizens, creating many factions and clashes. In February 2020, COVID-19 broke into the lives of Westerners, marking the first victim in Europe, in Italy, which in the meantime had begun to apply restrictive measures- closing the borders and armoring the regions. Within the same national territory, we have seen rules that changed according to the areas and the administration of the place. We have seen it with vaccines, where some states have firmly imposed compulsory vaccination while others left the population a free choice. In a short time, everything turned into huge chaos that did not leave us ready to react and respond rationally. And now?

It seems that the great bubble of terror made of sanitizing gel, masks, and safety distance has disappeared, or at least in part.


Regardless of one's own thoughts, of what we individually believe to be right, it must be admitted that compared to a few months ago the situation has changed. It is a fact perceptible from the information that reaches us through the various media and from the front pages of newspapers that have radically changed tone and subject. No one has told us that the pandemic is over, but it is as if we had been pushed to accept it.  Now that the epidemiological situation is improving, the vast majority of those infected are not serious, and the receding restrictions are gradually giving way to an increasingly free lifestyle. It seems that each of us is letting go of our fears and returning to live more lightly. 


Despite these encouraging data, it should be pointed out that the pandemic is not over. We are reminded of this by the various international bodies that invite us to maintain a behavior that safeguards ourselves and others. We can perceive it by looking at the regulations in force in some states that remain strict while preparing for a possible fourth dose. This is a significant fact that shows us that although our approach towards the virus is now milder and less aggressive, the contagion is going up and will likely continue to grow, increasing in intensity and virulence during the winter months. What has changed and will continue to change, is our approach to the virus; more and more people are learning to live with it and to deal with COVID-19 more consciously. It is in this direction that we hope to continue to run, now and in the future. 

Probably, confronting situations of suffering by others helps us to better ourselves by preparing us for the challenges of our present with confidence and positivity, as such situations remind us of our selfishness and privilege, helping us become kinder towards everybody.


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