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When shall we meet again? Online, on a cell phone, or in dreams? - When the battle is won from corona!

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Santa – we all are Arjun from the great Mahabharata. So how can we give up after a long battle?

Banta – Yes, dude! We will all meet when the hurly-burly is done! When the battles will defeat corona.

During mid-April 2021, in Delhi -6, fever, cough, and headache create illusions in the mind of all citizens in India. They are compelled to think that they are suffering from covid-19. I was one of them, suffered from high fever, cough, and headache. I went to the hospital to check my corona test. But the public hospital named 'Lok Nayak Hospital' was allowing only severe patients. Then I went to check our family doctor, she was also suffering from the same problem. She said that corona is not only a disease but also a mental problem. It drives people sick psychologically. Thus, I found that this battle will win by thinking positively.

 Life in Delhi -6, Pre and During Pandemic

Bells from the temple and Azan from Masjid begin your day with bright sun. School, college students, and adults prepare their lunch boxes for their school or jobs. Even their parents are in a rush to buy vegetables and fruits for the evening dinner. So when you come out of your home, you see the market is already open around 10 am. And the smell of fresh meat, sweats, juice, snacks, and rumali roti, etc, makes you slave until you taste it once. Everywhere you see the crowd, in the market, they are out to get some vegetables. Even if they have a small list for one day, their desire cannot stop after entering the market of Old Delhi.

From tiny needles to huge bus parts, you can get anything in the market. People here cannot sit for a minute when they enter Old Delhi. People from different states also come to buy and sell their products and goods at Red fort Market. Also, tourists come here to see the Mughal era and old trader system of that time. During the festival, like Eid, Diwali, Dusshera, GuruPurab, the market become large fair. Therefore, Delhi 6 one of the famous and old states in Delhi.

But during the pandemic, Delhi 6 seems to be the most dreadful place that I have seen for the last 23 years. It becomes the most peaceful and hopeless place, where people come out only to buy food and vegetables. Children and adults seem unhappy and waiting to open the institute. Many people are jobless and ready to work as laborers to get two times meal a day. And the uneasy situation is if someone is affected from covid-19, they don't have a separate room to quarantine. These patients have to live with their whole family in a small space. Due to it, their family members have to suffer from the same problem.

A most crucial concern is the Public hospital, Lok Nayak Hospital, where patients come from different states to get good treatment and medication.  But during the increasing number of covid-19 patients, people who live near the hospital cannot get access to their treatment. They have to buy oxygen cylinders privately. But it is easy for those who can afford it. Those who do not have the amount had to wait till when a bed will be available in the hospital. Or when will they get treatment? By which they have to lose their life. I have seen that most of the patients were staying under the tree in gate number four at Lok Nayak Hospital, as beds were not available. I was concerned for those who live on the street and earn money to sell tea on Thaila. Because they had many problems as hygiene, immunity, three times meal, and money. I can assure you that these people will not go to the hospital if they suffer from covid, because of poverty.

How the regular practices at home embody people's lives, make them lazy and hopeless.

Due to the lockdown, people cannot go out. So they have to spend their much time at home. By which they become lazy. They have made their comfortable pattern in their lives to wake up late by 1 pm, do not exercise, watch TV all day long, and sleep after dinner. These habits make them lazy and weak day by day. What they practice regularly has been followed by their children's too. So the covid disease is not only affecting their health but their mental health too.

These habits give them demotivation in life. It is also a concern of matter that they cannot talk with their neighbor too. An isolated person needs to talk with someone in corona times. But because of their laziness, they like to spend their time watching TV, and sleep in a bed which affects their health.

What can people do during a pandemic?

. Make exercises part of your schedule.

. Talk to their children and help them to do fun activities at home.

. Explore cooking, dance, and all you wanted to do pre-pandemic with your family

. Talk to your neighbor and help them to share.

.  Wake up early in the morning.

We cannot deny the fact that we all suffer the same problem during the pandemic. And especially a place which is so popular for its old times and market like Delhi -6. But the time will come soon when we live our pre-pandemic lives. We shouldn't forget that we have learned a lot from this situation, and we fought for our problems. And we know how we can fight any disease if we encounter any in the future. So the pandemic teaches us much more than expected.

We need to work on our health, and habits, which will help us to sustain ourselves in the future. And we know how to face our loneliness. After the pandemic, people have the issue of depression, and aloneness, to deal with. We also cannot forget that problems takes place when we don't care for our health, and if we follow the same unhealthy pattern, we would be depressed.  So now we know that how to handle it and grow.

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