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Youths in Dhanbad Ahead in Taking Vaccination

The Third-wave of COVID-19 is inevitable. The Health Department of Dhanbad and District authorities have started the preparation to tackle the third wave. In view of fear of the third wave, the youths have started taking vaccination at a rapid pace.

More than 3 lakh youths have taken their first dose. With every passing day, youngsters are becoming more aware of the importance of vaccination.

The district is seeing the lowest vaccination in people above 60. People above 60 years are not turning up for their dose. The district immunizer officer, Dr. Vikas Rana, said that people are taking the vaccination.

Vaccination is gaining momentum. Due to the participating youth, the vaccination rate is satisfactory. The only problem is the unavailability of vaccines in between.

Between April-May, the people didn’t turn in much for vaccination. The myths regarding vaccination were widespread. The officials are regularly addressing the myths; in the community. By busting myths, people are becoming more aware. Now the numbers have increased, and people are aware of vaccination.

Youngsters have various reasons for taking the vaccination. Some said that their offices have a safety policy and they are allowing only vaccinated ones to work. One can see people from all walks of life in the vaccination center the security guards, milkmen, maids, students, and other working people. They all are coming to take the vaccination as they are not allowed to work without the vaccination.

Students are in hopes of regular classes in college. Students want to get vaccinated so that they join their college fully vaccinated.

Though people are getting aware day by day, still, some are lagging. Myths in people are still there. Pregnant women still fear taking vaccines. Lactating women are in fear of their children are not taking vaccines.

Older people with other illnesses fear taking vaccines as they think they will get sickThe fear of sickness is the reason for the less participation of elderly people.  

At times on-center like Sudamdih, fights between people hamper the vaccination process. People in queues don't maintain proper etiquette, and it results in people getting into fights.

People are hardly following COVID-appropriate behavior in the city. This behavior of people is making the third wave inevitable. Shopkeepers don't follow the COVID norms, and neither do the customers.

In the wake of the COVID third wave, people should follow COVID appropriate behavior. The more people get aware the less is the chance of them getting infected with the virus. Mask and sanitizer should always be your ally. 

Hopefully, soon the major population of Dhanbad will be vaccinated. The participation of young people in the vaccination programs is praiseworthy.







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