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Zelenskyy Recites Horrors of The War At UNSC

In a recent conference held at the United Nations Security Council on Tuesday, Ukrainian president Zelenskyy spoke vividly about the atrocities faced by the civilians. In his speech, Zelenskyy precisely accused the Russian forces of “the most heinous war crimes.”

President Zelenskyy also presented an intricate description of the horrifying civilian massacres that emerged in various regions of Ukraine. He urged the UNSC committee that “accountability must be inevitable” for Russia and its troops for these brutal war crimes. 

Further, he requested the Security Council to watch a short video, which contained terrifying visuals of bloodied, burned, and disfigured bodies of both adults and children. These were discovered in the regions of Irpin, Dymerka, Mariupol, and Bucha, where Ukraine has accused the Russian military of these civilian killings.

Earlier in a US television interview for CBS, Zelenskyy asserted that Russian attacks in Ukraine amount to genocide as Ukraine fosters around 100 nationalities. This invasion will lead to the destruction of all these different nationalities. 

On Tuesday afternoon, officials discovered roughly 410 dead bodies near the towns around Kyiv. On a visit to the suburb of Bucha by Zelenskyy, more than 300 bodies of civilians got found on Monday. There are visuals of corpses piled up in a shallow mass grave in a church compound. These can be verified by accounts of reporters stating that “bodies were found lying next to bicycles, on pavements, and in yards and gardens in Bucha.” 

In response to the accusation made by the Ukrainian president, the Russian UN Ambassador Vasily Nebenzya dismissed all the charges by stating that Russian troops have not targeted any civilians. He also mentioned that while Bucha was under Russian military control, “not a single civilian suffered from violence.”

According to Zelenskyy’s statement, women were raped and murdered in front of their children. People were shot in the back of the head, chopped limbs, grenades blew up houses, and necks were slashed without any civilian provocation. Later, he questioned the Security council for their inaction over Russia by saying, “So where is the security that the Security Council must guarantee? There is no security. However, there is a Security Council as if nothing happened. So where is the peace that the United Nations was created to guarantee?” President Zelenskyy not only criticized but also recommended the international organization reform immediately. 

Russian ally China, which has mostly refrained from voting in the UN since the war commenced, was “deeply disturbed” by the visuals of civilian deaths in Bucha. Chinese UN Ambassador Zhang Jun said that verification must get done for all that has happened.

Besides this, US Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield shared her concern by stating that responsible world powers and global leaders need to “show backbone and stand up to Russia’s dangerous and unprovoked threat against the world.” United Nations also verified that some 11 million Ukrainians had fled their homes, and more than 4 million have left the country because of the current hostile situation.

Russian Ambassador Nebenzya tried to make his point by saying, “I hope that our colleagues from the United Nations will not allow themselves to get manipulated and play up to Washington.” However, the UN aid chief Martin Griffiths specified that at least 1430 civilians and 121 children were killed. He considered it “a serious underestimate” and is looking forward to a humanitarian truce in Ukraine.

A recent address by Indian External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar stated that India has chosen the side of peace and condemned the escalating conflict. In response to Bucha reports, Jaishankar supported the call for an independent probe. He advised countries to respect the international law, sovereignty, and territorial integrity of all States, which is crucial to the UN Charter.

The Russian-Ukraine conflict is one of the greatest dangers to the world order in history, according to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, “because of its nature, severity, and repercussions,” as he tells the Security Council.


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