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9 Ways Youth Can Uplift India

Youth is said to be the main power of any country, and in a developing country like us, the percentage of youth and how or what they do for society results in the way society would turn out to be. Here are many ways youth can help to uplift the Indian community:

1 ) Start-Ups - India has always been a land of creative minds, and no one could disagree with it. The problem is that the people here lose their creativity while doing a job they didn't like in the first place. If the young generation of our country uses their minds and focuses on building new start-ups, India would rise economically and creatively.

2 ) Fundraisers - Every society tends to have some faults, and most of the time, its people having no proper financial or economic support. Through fundraisers, our youth could channelize their energy into doing something good for society. The fundraisers could be for anything, financial aid, a disease, a business start-up or an orphanage house. Anything done to help them would help in building our country more productive and making the society a better place to live

3 ) Better use of Social Media - With time, social media has consistently proven its importance, either to make a person overnight famous or to promote a page/ person struggling financially or to spread a rumour. And as we all know, what percentage of society uses social media most. If the youngsters of our nation use this platform to navigate brilliant ideas, the proper education and essential news, half of the country would have progressed through the tip of youngsters' fingers

4 ) Underprivileged areas - Many areas are yet not touched by the privilege we enjoy in our daily lives. If the youth could provide these backward areas with the necessities, thereby bridging the gap or teaching the children, our youth could bring a change and make our nation's future bright.

 5) Proper use of resources - Edgar Cahn rightfully said, "We have what we need if we use what we have." India is filled with resources; the only thing we need to do is use these resources most optimally. If these resources could be used in a better way by the youth, which consists of more than half of the population of India, changing our status from a developing to a developed country would not be that hard.

6) Career Options - Using things in the most optimizing ways also includes us. If we know what we are good at and plan our future career goals, everyone will excel in whatever they are doing. The economy would boost because of the efficiency of work in every department. Therefore, it is necessary for the youth of any country to chose their career goals wisely.

7) Voicing Opinions - The youth is the only fraction of the population whose voice can bring an immense amount of changes. The kids are assumed to be too small to have an opinion, while the older generation's are considered outdated. The youth put forwards the views which are progressive and creative. Also, if youth voice their opinions in important cases such as government incompetence, the government would be more careful of their work. A more competent government would also include the youth in their day to day working and would heed the opinions of the young mind to bring a change and developing the country.

8) SharingLeonard Nimoy once said, "The miracle is this: The more we share the more we have." If the youth could understand and follow these simple teaching, India would be a much better place to live. If the youth learn how to share their privileges, not just in terms of money but also by educating people who cannot donate things not needed to them, the country will grow. Sharing education will develop genius minds, and donations would help them grow. These small steps in result will uplift India.

9) Participation in Government - Days after days, we come across people, mainly those in their teenage or 20s saying how incompetent the government is and how they could have brought the change. If the youth could take out their time and participate in the functioning of government by exercising voting rights, talking about their policies, voicing opinions if they feel it's wrong, and joining the government via services that it offers, it would help India grow. 

India has the world's largest youth population. Seven are just a number, and if the youth put their fresh energy, creative mind and curious zeal to uplift India, they could find infinite ways to do so. It won't be wrong to say that we are gifted with the superpower that every country dream to have, the power of brilliant young minds. Only if we could use it effectively India will itself be a wonder. 



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