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A New Hope For Depression- Let's Talk About It!

Depression is the talk of the town. People have openly started talking about it. The youth go vocal when it comes to talking about mental health, something which was turned a deaf ear in our parents’ generation.

However, there is a clear and distinct difference between being dissolved in depression and terming sadness as depression. In the coming years, mental health is emphasized and support is welcomed from different corners of the world. However, the point is, are we depressed? Is depression ruining youth? Are we depressed or simply sad?

What exactly is depression?

It is a mental illness capable of weakening the human emotions and thoughts of the person. It is felt for a consecutive time. It is a consistent feeling of sadness or numbness in your mind. The World Health Organisation estimates that 5% of the adult population suffers from serious depression

Depression requires treatment. Most people don’t take depression seriously. They avoid or ignore the topic when it comes to discussion. They deny treating it. More than 80% percent of the countries don’t take mental illness seriously and name it sadness or lack of purpose in life. Developed countries are still hesitant to take such issues seriously and it is saddening.


The mood or the behavior fluctuates when someone is inflicted with depression. Your present emotions undergo serious contradictions such as anxiety and rage. An unhealthy sleeping pattern is a cause of depression. Sleeping late or having frequent disturbances in sleep. It can also be signaled as confinement in a particular space and not making any particular effort in human interaction. Lack of involvement in work and loss of concentration are the key symptoms when it comes to depression. It results in no love for appetite.

Youth are more hooked to gadgets than any particular physical exercise. Lack of movement is observed. However, the modern generation chose to use phones and support staying aloof from the real world. The virtual world gives them added interests. The real world is sickening and hurtful and their virtual friends seem to be more important.

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The youth are more accustomed to the social world and trends rather than focusing on reality. They fail to realize that the social world keeps them in a façade away from reality. Keeping them indulged with the not-so-important networking trends.

Their self-confidence is put to restrain and they are much lonelier. They fail to bond over real friendships. They fail to connect to true people. They are burdened with toxic and hateful relationships affecting their mental health. Harsh reality but growing trends on social media which is just glamour but preaches nothing can be of utter devastating to a youth’s mind. It may take them to the wrong direction.

All we need is a little support and positivity in our life and our life can change for the better good. Losing hope and not working on one’s self is a red flag towards self-development.

  • Writing a journal can be therapeutic. Having the pen to scribble your thoughts on paper sounds relaxing. So, why not you all try your hand on that? Writing journals and curating creative ideas to make your journal look aesthetic sounds interesting. Collecting coins, postcards, or cards and decorating with catchy captions may turn out eventually to be an interesting hobby.

  • Eating a healthy and nutritious diet is important. Burning calories and consuming healthy is a necessity. Morning walks to a nearby park may lift your mood. Listening to songs and doing regular workouts sounds like improving your life, enhancing it towards better.

  • Have the courage to ask for help. We all don’t know how important it might turn out to have a helpful confidant. Talk to them, share your ideas, express your emotions. It might do good for your mental health.

  • Focus on yourself and mainly on peace. Sleep at regular intervals and reduce your screen time. Keep yourself busy. Learn the art. Learn the art to keep yourself engaged all the time keeping your mind distant from certain foul ideas. Drawing, stitching, doing some particular courses might be enhancing. Volunteers or spending time with your family can make you feel cheerful.

  • Visit places. Meet new people. Connect in reality and share your stories. Learning and unlearning important segments is necessary and may be helpful. Try new things. Don’t stick to one place. Come out of your comfort zone and do things out of the box.

  • All we need is a little support and that will help us to get back on track soon.

Eminent personalities were found quoting on depression. The 39-year-old actor Kirsten Dunst has revealed that she went to a rehab center for depression treatment when she was in her twenties. Dunst says she struggled with the disorder for years and realized she was holding a lot of anger inside. "All I'll say is that medication is a wonderful thing that can help you get out of a rut," she says. "I was afraid to take something, so I sat in it for an extended period. I would advise you to seek assistance when you require it."

Johnson, one of Hollywood's highest-paid actors, but "The Rock" recently opened up to the Express, a British newspaper, about his depression. "Struggle and pain are real," said Johnson, who saved his mother from suicide when he was 15 years old. Later, he tweeted, "Depression never discriminates." "It took a long time for me to realise it, but the key is not to be afraid to open up." We dudes, in particular, tend to keep it in. You're not by yourself."

If things don’t get better with time, approach a therapist. It is never wrong to ask for help. Visiting a therapist, expressing what you are going through may change for good. A number of mentally ill people have felt better rather than come out of depression after talking to a therapist. Expressing, learning, growing, and never losing hope are the key factors for self-enhancement. Therapist are here to identify your abnormal patterns and help you rectify it.

Most importantly, love yourself, care about yourself, look for yourself, reach out for yourself. It’s you who has the sole ability to stand out for yourself. Learn from your mistakes. Keep things that are toxic at bar from yourself.

Youth has taken a strong initiative to attract the attention of the public when it comes to depression. They are strongly leading their way to bring people closer. Medical sciences have proved that it is a serious bane to the self-development of the youth. However, it is also important to not lose yourself in that crowd. It is necessary to look for yourself and do things for yourself. Self-help is necessary and so is professional help. There should be strong awareness when it comes to mental disorders or serious mental issues. It is essential to bring the topic of depression to the forefront and share for help. The strong stigma when it comes to depression and brushing it off as unnecessary needs to be reduced.

Photo by Fernando @cferdo on Unsplash

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