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In recent gut-wrenching news, a man brutally murdered his wife in the crowded street of Delhi. As usual, people pointed fingers at misogyny, raised questions on prejudice and barbaric acts against women. Social media outrage has become a predictable act post-occurrence of similar events. The doubts we have are justified, the concerns on the lives of women being at stake are justified but I ask how far it is fair to accuse the public present at the sight of incidence. Can we hold them responsible for the cruelty confronted by the woman? I oppose the stands of those who castigate people of immobility, now tagged as unhelpful. How can they simply not intervene when the husband is seen stabbing the woman to death? And the person recording the video gives me chills! These two sentences summarize the anguish of people and clearly expose that we are deviating. I don’t buy this point; I wish to differ. I don’t know how far it is fair to accuse the public around for not doing anything at the time of witnessing atrocities. Lat’s face it, there’s a threat to the lives of those who attempt to intrude in such horrific cases. A person who can kill his wife doesn’t give it a second thought to harm a stranger. Talking about the person who recorded the video, he did his job of recording the evidence; which can be used as information in court. 


Raise questions on humanity but not on responsibility people hold to save the victims from vicious harassment in broad daylight. The incident reverberates the endurance of suffering by women, especially after marriage. Women in society are taught sacrifices, adjustments, and compromises as ideal to live a happy married life. The actual problem, the fatal thoughts, sprout with such perceptions emphasized. Of course, ours is a free country, women are entitled by the law to lead a life they wish to. But what if the in-laws meddle, the family restricts, and the husband tortures? She isn’t supposed to think of worldly judgments and rebuked comments of what others think. When her husband violently murders her, what safety are we talking about? The sinister man should be punished for what he deserves by the court. 


When the people around and not the husband is talked on, we should ask ourselves one question; ‘Are we deviating?’

Image by Nino Carè from Pixabay

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