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Bahria Town Theft Case: A Wake-Up Call for Residents to Enhance Home Security Measures

A flurry of fear and suspicion gripped the residential areas of Bahria Town in Rawalpindi as several thefts were reported from the houses where maids worked. One such case involved a family who hired a maid for regular housekeeping duties only to discover she was stealing from them. The story of this maid and her work ethic sheds light on a larger case in the area.

The family, who wished to remain anonymous, perceived the maid as honest and faithful. She seemed polite and self-respecting, and they had no reason to suspect any wrongdoing. However, soon after she started working for them, they realized that things started to go missing from their house. At first, it was small things like kitchen utensils, but gradually, more important items began disappearing. The family was very suspicious and decided to take a closer look at their belongings.

Their suspicions were soon confirmed as the maid was caught stealing some kitchen utensils. When confronted, she denied any wrongdoing, but the family was convinced that she was the one stealing all these things. They decided to fire her immediately and reported the theft to their local security officer.

To their surprise, the security staff informed them that other families in the area had reported similar thefts by the maids they had hired. To everyone’s dismay, a group of girls were working together to steal from the houses where they were employed. Security personnel recorded the identity of the family maid and promised to investigate the matter.

Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the maid had been working in the area for several months, and other families had complained about her theft. She was believed to be a part of the large group of maids stealing from their employers. Bahria Town security responded immediately and banned the maid from entering and working in the area. Families in the town were also advised to perform background checks before hiring, check with security, and report any suspicious activity immediately.

The girl's method of stealing was clever and conniving. She would take things from the house, throw them out the window, and retrieve them when she left the home. This method enabled her to steal without arousing suspicion, as it would appear that the items were missing from the house, but there was no evidence of theft. The fact that she had managed to get away with it months before being arrested testifies to her intelligence and scheming ways.

The incident has raised concerns about the safety of homes in the area, and many families are now cautious about hiring maids. Some families have installed CCTV cameras in their homes to monitor suspicious activity. Bahria Town security services have reassured residents they will be informed of any developments, and they also installed an extra security guard to patrol the streets. 

This case highlights the need for greater diligence and surveillance when hiring domestic workers. Families should always check references and thoroughly examine their background before employing anyone in their home. It’s also important to keep a close eye on things and report any suspicious activity to authorities immediately.

The town’s security has promised residents that they are doing everything they can to prevent any incident like this from happening again. While cases like this are uncommon, they remind us that we should always take safety measures and steps to protect our homes.

It is important to note that despite repeated attempts to contact security personnel in Bahria Town of Rawalpindi, we did not get any official commentary on the matter. Thus, all information in this article is based on the firsthand experience of a resident who witnessed the theft.

The resident, who requested to stay anonymous, described their experience with hiring a maid and the discovery of her stealing from their home. She gave details on how the maid operated and how she was arrested. They also shared details of security forces’ response to the incident and any advice given to residents in the area. Unfortunately, we could not obtain any official statement from security personnel, as their views on the matter would have been valuable. However, the resident’s account does provide a realistic picture of the theft in the area and its impact on the community.


Furthermore, theft is a serious matter, and residents must take all necessary precautions to protect their homes and belongings. This includes carefully reviewing backgrounds during the hiring process for domestic workers, staying vigilant, and reporting any suspicious activity to authorities. While the incident may have created fear and suspicion among residents, always be alert and take proactive measures to prevent theft. By cooperating and working together to combat these harmful situations, residents can ensure the safety and security of their homes and families.

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