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Christianity and Homosexuality: Can they Exist in the Same World?

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Amongst the many conflicts of society today, nothing can compare to the battle between homosexuality and Christianity.


What exists between the two opposing views is a rivalry that results in hate speech and, in the most extreme cases, physical violence against each other.


Why do Christianity and homosexuality clash? Why does it seem that these two cannot coexist? These questions can be answered through the doctrine and history of both sides.


In the past, Christianity has been seen to be heavily against homosexuality, under the pretext that the Bible states clearly that homosexuality is a sin. Some Christians used this fact as an excuse to conduct hate crimes against those who belong to the homosexual community.


The crimes committed towards homosexuals are as small as refusing service and sometimes excluding them from church communities. This has resulted in damaging the relationship between the two views not only in the current generation but also for those to come.


The current generation of homosexuals perceives that the whole of the Christian organization is against them. Consequently, thoughts like, “Imagine having a God that loves you…,” have permeated the minds of this generation. Unless tended to, their thought process will escalate the bitter relations between the two views.


This has also led to the misconception that all Christians are against homosexuality, thus creating more hostility. The doctrine of Christianity is love, which entails loving homosexuals like any other human being.


The disconnect lies here but does not go without a warning. Christianity entails an umbrella of thousands of denominations, and each has its own beliefs on homosexuality. The current society has steadily been moving towards accepting homosexuality, and religions will soon follow.


The United Methodist Church is a denomination of Christianity, it has shifted towards inclusivity of homosexuality. In 2016, the church questioned whether the ordination of same-sex marriages should be allowed. While the revision was never implemented, it does show the progression of universal inclusivity and how far along it is.


The homosexual community, or the LGBTQ+ community, presents itself as accepting of anything and anyone. The root of the conflict lies in the people from both sides who see each other as evil. It’s the people who speak the loudest amongst their group, which results in them becoming the face of the organization.


However, humans are not all alike. Like the Christian doctrine says, every person has their thoughts and opinions on any given issue.


The solution lies in elevating the voices that are not heard; those who have the ideals that could bring peace.


But the real question is: Can they both exist in the same society? Will there ever be a time when there is a complete co-existence between Christianity and homosexuality?


Unfortunately, this idealistic society may very likely never exist. This is not to say that society cannot work towards this goal.


The reality is that every human has individualistic thoughts on every lifestyle and worldview; in truth, that is okay—this is the first step towards co-existence.


Once people start to look at the grand scheme of things, perhaps the world will become a better place and the universal love that both sides preach will become more present in their cultures and those who hold authority.


Whether you or someone you are associated with is a part of these communities, exude love, and the world will almost certainly shape into an all-inclusive and universally loving society.

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