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With the rise of the second wave of coronavirus in India, which started in February, and now it's at its peak during April, the only thing that has been affected is common people's lives for yet another year. And with every other day the number of cases rising, the people come up with just one question in mind - why only ordinary people and not the people of politics?

The sudden rise in the cases has taken everyone by surprise. The cases keep on increasing, and no restrictions seem to stop it. Every state is trying to control the number of their cases by the introduction of new restrictions, but why only common people are going through it, and why are these only seen in the state where there are no major or even minor elections or anything related to politics coming up?

The restrictions on the common people would not have been considered such a big deal if the same was imposed for the political propaganda, and marches on the streets too. As the health officials have said, the second wave of the pandemic will turn out more dangerous, if not curbed at its root. But all political mass gatherings and the way people are not taking it seriously have brought the second wave to India's doorstep too soon.

Though India is not the only country that is going through the second wave it's the only second country to hit the 100,000 mark right after the United States and the way it's increasing due to the carelessness of government as well as people, it may soon be on the top. Besides the US, other countries such as Brazil and UK have also gone through the second wave which hit them during January this year and Latin America is going through the third.

The problem of the second wave is that its rise is on an enormous level as can be seen in the daily reports of the health ministry. India is knee-deep in the second wave but now that the vaccines have come and the way too many restrictions were imposed in the first lockdown throughout the country, the people here have now stopped taking it seriously and why won't they when they see their representatives holding big meetings and not following any rules themselves.

India although has started its vaccine driveway early and by every day, more and more people are being immunized with the help of vaccines but it is effective only when people follow the rules of social distancing and face masks. The vaccines only help in building the immune system and fighting the disease by decreasing its severity but it doesn't need to protect one from the virus while they keep on coming in contact with it now and then or ignore the rules of social distancing.

The second wave also contains different and new corona strains that are new in origin and may affect the immune system with more severity. The state of Maharashtra is already under the second wave and is at its peak and as are many other cities such as Punjab, Kerala, Haryana. The capital, Delhi is also seeing an increase in its cases by big daily rise. Many states have already imposed night curfews and weekend lockdowns, making special accommodations for covid patients necessary in hospitals.

Involvement of people in Politics has been always the main pillar of our democracy but at a time like this when the government itself is asking for the people to stay inside and keep the country safe, the way political parties even the one in the power has not stopped their tours and political marches with the number of cases showing jump drastically has shown why carelessness and irresponsibility is the main reason of this rise

It's no secret that political power has been considered always more important than common people's lives but at the time like this shouldn't the concern of the government and other political parties as well, should be to curb down the increasing number of covid patients rather than increasing the number of people coming to their political rallies.

The power may be important but at this point of a pandemic it's high time to take important steps and they could start it by keeping their political shenanigans to the minimum or maybe not take part or host any such rallies or gatherings at all. Because at a time when we are almost on the verge of getting into another lockdown the government can't accept that normal person would just sit around at their homes and follow the rules when these people involved in politics are out their free of any restrictions and some even without masks and other necessary measures jumping in with the crowd and taking part in various political activities.

Government should first start by changing the way they're handling things and keep their movement to a minimum. The rules and regulations should be made but while doing so the life of normal people should also be considered and not just their political motives. Also, It's high time that all the so-called "brainy politicians" understand that it's not the student peer group that causes the fast spread of viruses. Keeping the educational institutions closed will not ship away corona if the whole population is marching and sloganeering on the streets.

Mandatory masks in public will not be worth it if people are brushing each other in a heavily packed crowd. After all, in a country where politicians are worshipped every day and the common population scraps out role models from them, it wouldn't be easier for the people to neutralize not maintaining social distancing and underestimate the ravaging spread of the deadly virus.

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