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Drug society

Drug society 

The number of people using drugs is steadily increasing day by day. Drug societies are formed and regulate drugs illegally to supply them to buyers. Sellers are increasing and buyers are also increasing rapidly. People use drugs for mentalpleasure, pleasant feelings, alertness, etc. But it may lead to addiction to that drug and mental imbalance. Most criminal activities and accidents are committed by drug users. 

Types of drugs: 

All drugs feel differently. Feelings are different for each drug. Some drugs can make you feel hyperactive, while others help you sleep and relax. 

Sedative drugs: Sedative drugs are a type of drug that can calm the mind. Taking sedative drugs without a prescription could put a person’s brain in “down mode” by using the chemical GABA, or gamma-aminobutyric acid. Illegal drugs or street drugs always harm consumers. After

taking this drug, you may feel calm, drowsy, sleepy, and calm. This is in the form of pills or liquids. Heroin, benzodiazepines, opioids, tranquilizers, morphine, etc. These are some sedative drugs that are widely available in the global market. 

Stimulant drugs: 

Hyperactive drugs, or stimulant drugs, can make consumers more active. Stimulant drugs increase the messages between the Connections in the brain. As a result, a person can be alert, active, energetic, and awake. 

A variety of forms of this are available, including powder, tablets, capsules, crystals, and crystals of white and brown color. The stimulants include cocaine (or crack), nicotine, amphetamines, and caffeine. 


Hallucinogenic drugs are a type of drug that alters the consumer's 

Perspective on approaching and seeing the world, and feelings vary when the consumer takes the hallucinogenic drug. The common hallucinogenics are LSD (D-lysergic acid diethylamide), Psilocybin (4-phosphoryl oxy-N, N-dimethyltryptamine), Peyote (mescaline), MDMA, and some other types. 


Abusers consume drugs by sniffing, injections, smoking, and other ways. But the first few days of consumption are unforgettable for anyone who takes the drugs. Continuously using drugs can lead to a hole in the nose wall that separates the two holes in our nose and our running nose. By consuming drugs, one can misbehave, have strange feelings, and do unwanted things. One may do things while under the influence that one would normally find unthinkable. Students and many adults are addicted to these drugs. It can make our next generation a drug-averse society. After taking drugs, one cannot perform normally. This means a loss of self-behavior, thoughts, feelings, and mental condition. 

High level drugs like cocain, herion and etc are not available continuously in the market but th marijuna (Ganja) are thing that was available in the market easily because of any body can ale to grow that plant. Ganja is totally banned in India and some other countries, but users also buy it from the places of market.

Reason for the drug intake: 

Drugs are mainly consumed by people for the sake of temporary pleasure. A report says that the most its not common for people who consume drugs to start out on this habit right away.

They are prescribed opioid’s for pain and sleeping tablet users. Drug consumers are responsible for criminal activities and accidents. Recovering from drugs is possible, but not easy. Those interested in recovering from this habit can call 1800-11-0031. Call this hotline for information on drug-related problems, and hopefully, you can be enrolled in a rehab program if you need help. 

Problems they face: 

Different drugs pose different problems. Drug use can lead to dependence as well as addiction, injuries accidents, and health problems. Drug use affects you and those close to you. Know there is help. The percentage of adults aged 26 and older using marijuana (ganja) daily or almost daily has nearly doubled since 2015. Meth use is on the rise, and overdose death rates climbed more than fivefold for those ages 25 to 54 between 2011 and 2018. Cocaine use and death rates have risen; cocaine-involved overdose rates in the U.S. have risen annually since 2012. Avoid using drugs; make society drug-free!.

Not only that person but also their family and friends are also affected by them. This is not fair because once unaware affects the another's life. Parents, children, and friends who are not drug consumers or addicts can also be affected by the lifestyle of a drug consumer.

Psychological problems:

A person who takes the drugs will not be able to perform well or normally compared with the other people. Most of the governments have not approved the drugs in their countries. On a global level, cocaine, heroin, and other drugs are totally banned, but the users always use drugs bought from the black market. Some of the drugs are too costly because of their rarity on the market.

When they stop taking drugs, drug users have significant psychological effects. Due to the lack of drugs available, the majority of drug addicts are committing suicide. After taking the drug, it won't start to influence a person right away; instead, it will start to have a gradual effect on your body. People use drugs to get the fleeting pleasure and distinctive experiences they desire. A single sad lot indicates that the person is in the addicted stage.

Drugs affect the minds of the people who consume them. Particularly marijuana and cocaine are things that can send the neurotransmitter to the neurons, but the reality is that this is not a normal neurotransmitter.

Every one who are consuming drugs are a affected person that means they need a treatment for the recovery. Addictive stages are a mostly critical situation for the people who are a consumer of the drugs.


 Governments are responsible for the drug society. Once unaware makes another loss of lives. Some unaware people are consuming the drugs because they don't know what may happen in their future after the consumption.

But globally level some countries government are enacted the powerful laws against the drugs but it was not regulates the all over the world. It can cause some drawbacks in the society. Consuming of huge drugs can leads to loss of lives and may also the chance for the dead.

This is a million-dollar business in the global market, which is why no one can abolish it completely. This million dollars paved the way for criminal activities and other unwanted activities in our society. Avoiding drugs may lead to a healthy life.


-as reported by Bala Santhosh.

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