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George Floyd Death: A Cry For Justice Against Black's Discrimination And Institutional Racism

     The news of the death of George Floyd has been sweeping like wildfire across the Internet, and print press, since the day he died, on the 25th of May, 2020. He was an African-American murdered by Derek Chauvin, a white Minneapolis police officer, who knelt on his neck as he was handcuffed, lying facedown on the road. Four minutes later, he stopped breathing.

Well, let's take more practical steps here. Why do blacks have to live constantly, in fear and, be on the defence? Why do they have to beg their law enforcement agencies to see and accept them as one of them? Aren't they citizens and a part of the American dream? Is George Floyd another statistic?

Interestingly, statistics have shown that Black Americans are more likely than white Americans to be arrested. Once imprisoned, they are more likely to be convicted. And once convicted, they are more likely to experience lengthy prison sentences.

Yes, police brutality is everywhere and, institutional racism abiding diligently. Now, is the time for the black community to protect themselves, against unfair and, inhumane, treatment from their fellow citizens. There was a massive protest in Minneapolis yesterday night and, more are coming. The people know their rights there and, they will follow their rights. However, there's fear that the covid19 pandemic will give rise to more police brutality regardless of their protests.

Officers, law enforcement agencies, need to understand that when a man says, "I can't breathe, " it means he can't breathe and what you're doing to him is harming him. The strains, tight gripping, should be halted when a suspect taps out due to discomfort, and the officer should respect that and release the tight grip on the suspect.

They need to stop showing aggression and quit melting unlawful treatments to their fellow citizen that they are supposed to protect regardless of their skin colour. Black Americans, on the other hand, should stop being aggressive. They need to stop behaving like wounded animals at any given opportunity. You're encouraged to be calm if the police want to arrest you. If you are not wanted for murder, there's no need to be aggressive. Respect the police, respect the law, and stay alive.

The bitter truth here is that humans are the most complex being to deal with, but that is not a benchmark for abuse from law enforcement agencies. Police brutality is sad and all shades of wrong. Life is a road filled with many tests. Some are navigated with easy decisions while others are filled with complex challenges that leave you bewildered. Nevertheless, we need to understand that clarity is the strategy to beat uncertainty.

What makes people different in life is not tribe, religion, or blood but their DNA. It's time we changed the way we see each other. Only then would we have the world we desire to see.

There's an outcry for justice for George Floyd.  Not only in the US, but in S.A, China, and all over the world. The officers should be dismissed and made to face the law. The family of George should be compensated and given justice.

All we need is love, and for that, we have each other.


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