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Good Triumphs Over Evil!

                                                                        Good Triumphs Over Evil!


If you do good, good will come after you; if you do evil, evil will come after you. Being evil is a part of human nature. Nobody is flawless, and no one is malicious. Every human possesses two aspects of nature. The decision of what a person chooses to be, reveals something about that person's personality. The best result of all the successes in the world is when good triumphs over evil. Will you retaliate with a 'good' if someone tries to persuade you to do something evil? Is this what the world has taught us?


The best thing we have is the ability to ‘choose’. We have the option of being grumpy or being kind. It is up to us to decide. We are not born with evil; it is a choice we have made. Our hearts immediately gravitate to kindness when we see someone in need, and we choose to behave nicely at that moment. When we see our enemy, though, our hearts turn to evil, and we prefer to be enraged. It is a common occurrence in human beings. When we get obstructed by a car during an emergency trip, we become upset; but, when we learn that the blocked automobile was involved in an accident and a child was injured, our irritability dissipates. We rush to help.

Similarly, whether we are evil or good is a personal choice. A "Positive thought" is hoping for the best, but a "Heroic thought" is choosing to be good in the face of evil. In the contemporary world, being angry and prejudiced is celebrated as a noble trait. Is this what we want from our kids or our partners? Is it possible that we could live our daily lives in that environment? Consider how a family would be if a father had an ego and a mother had a long-term resentment. Both of their hearts would be tormented, and they would be pained. This holds for all of our interactions.


Overcoming with the good:

Convey life with compassion, even to those who are the least fortunate among us. Kind words have the power to heal a broken heart. We may or may not be able to change their lives, but we may become a factor in their recovery. In a span of a seconds, the wounds etched in one's heart can vanish altogether.

If someone tries to harm you with their wicked words and deeds, respond with goodness. It may not bring a significant difference in that person's life. But it would undoubtedly affect his heart. It may make individuals feel ashamed of themselves or regretful for their acts and behaviour.

Let us express words of love in the place of hate. The word "love" has a high value, and it unconsciously heals the wounds. The scars on our hearts that had been there for years would fade like snow. Love is a powerful force that is required in every part of the globe. When we greet or wish someone with a good word, like- Hey beautiful, good morning, have a great day, etc. even if they don’t deserve it, it would make a change in their lives. It would become a great encouragement or sometimes it may also be a turning point in their life. Love and kind words have a superpower that is sharper than a sword. It cuts the false opinions and fills us with joy and constructive thoughts.

All of us were waiting for our enemy to fall and to see our heights. None of us wants to help or support our enemy during their trouble. Be kind to your enemy and help them in their needs. It is an act of great revenge that you shall display for your enemy. Be kind to the people around you and it would return to you as a great reward. Be kind to those who fail you, it may stop them from failing others. Be kind to the person who puts you down, it would prove that you were higher than others. We may come across people who would be rude and always irritated, it is because they were wounded badly in their past, and they bleed on others in the present. By speaking kind words, be a healer for them. It would slowly change them and help them become the best version of themselves. Be kind to your spouse and parents, it makes your relationships stronger. Years of hatred can be demolished through one kind word.

Thanking someone for their help is normal. Be thankful for the person who wrongs you. Their wrongs would lift you high. They would be the stepping stone for your upliftment. The moment you start thanking for those failures, your hatred and grudges would abscond. It would turn into your motivation. It pushes you towards your destiny. A good attitude is the escalator of your destiny. On one hand, hard work does its part and on other hand, a good attitude would bring great rewards and credits.

Goodness and Peace:

Winning an argument is easy but winning one’s heart with love is precious. We may not win the argument by doing good, but we would have peace within us. We may be happy for a few minutes or hours by winning an argument, but soon, we would regret it. It may damage the relationship and leave a bad impact on us forever.

Be good when someone doesn’t deserve it. It may or may not change them, but it would definitely change us. We would not gain anything by speaking and doing evil. We would just be miserable and edgy. Instead, choose kind words and be good to others. We may not gain much at that moment, but we would be peaceful and happy. It gives us sweet sleep physically.

Choose Kind:

Mountains crumble with every syllable. Be kind to everyone, not only to the people you need. Quit evil thoughts and be kind towards everyone. Be kind, not to make others happy; be kind, so that you would be happy!

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