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Impact of "Substance-Abuse" on Children!

Will you trust me when I say that majority of people in the world today are addicted to drugs and alcohol? Every day, millions of individuals become addicted to narcotics. Last year only, over 275 million people had been reported for using drugs all around the globe, which is 30 percent more than in 2009. Worst of all, according to the report, the majority of them are children. A recent incident that occurred in many countries, including India, is a great example. However, the question is, why today's youngsters are becoming more obsessed with drugs? Why are they prompted to get indulged in "Substance-abuse"?

Many children claimed that they had begun consuming drugs and alcohol at the age of 13, to keep up with their peers. They used drugs and alcohol for recreational purposes at first. However, many people later admitted to becoming drug addicts without realizing it. So, what is happening to our children as a result of this problem? When I asked some of them about their experiences with addiction, they all had different stories to tell. I inquired of one of the guys about his drug and alcohol addiction. His response, on the other hand, made me pause. He stated he first became interested in cocaine and alcohol after seeing his brother and friends use them. It piqued his interest in drugs and prompted him to experiment with them. Remember that numerous children are observing us at all times. It will have such a terrible effect on kids without our knowledge. You're mistaken if you think a 13-year-old can't understand anything. When a 13-year-old makes a mistake, some people blame it on their age, arguing that they don't realize what they're doing. However, age is not something we can count on when it comes to using drugs.

Yes, anyone who is under the age of 18 is a child in the legal term. But most children can think and behave like an adult physically and emotionally, especially in this generation. Indeed, they observe people consuming a variety of substances at a very young age. They notice their parents and other adults experimenting with alcoholic beverages, smoking or vaping, and occasionally with other substances. Their life is involved with drugs and other substances every day because it is readily available everywhere.

Another platform that has an impact on drug-using youngsters is the media. Many people said that viewing TV shows and movies influenced their drug use. Many pieces of music also promote drug content videos, which encourage minors to consume drugs such as cocaine and other illegal substances. Young people believe that imitating the video makes them look cool. When I noticed that several of my friends were also doing drugs, I began to keep a strict eye on them. I observed that the energy after they get high (under the influence of drugs) is much different than others. So I asked one of my close friends why she is so addicted to drugs, and her response was straightforward. She wanted to escape from reality, which she has been living with regrets and stress for many years. She explained that anytime she was high, the drugs gave her a pleasure of joy that she had never felt in her life. But what she doesn't comprehend is that getting high isn't about escaping reality; it's about creating a series of daunting hurdles from which they'll never be able to get away in the future. We understand that facing the truth is difficult. However, avoiding difficulties without confronting them will only make you a coward and lead to further problems. Everyone makes mistakes. But we can embrace our flaws, learn from them, and move forward. We understand that people are looking at your blunders without verifying their own. However, remember that your mistakes do not determine who you are; instead, they define who you become.

One of the reasons why children use drugs and alcohol is depression. We've recently heard a lot about young people committing suicide. "Why do children experience so many disappointments at such a young age," many people have asked. We used to be only concerned about the next day's homework or anything like when we were youngsters." Let's face it-we don't live an innocent life when we are only concerned about homework or pencil nip. We live in an unusually toxic environment, and while their parents are most likely sleeping with other spouses or wives, their children are to avoid making mistakes. Children are not stupid; they are children. Teach them that it's alright- to blow their life once in a while. Let them know we make mistakes because we are human and let them learn from the errors. Many parents are harsh on their children when it comes to exams. Parents are forcing children to follow their parent's dreams rather than their own. Many parents have beaten their children to death if they fail a subject. But what they don't know is or pretend to don't know is most celebrities, including Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, had their first failure in life. Pressurizing a child can cause too much trouble in a youngster's mind. So, ask the youngsters what they want to become and let them do it. One should be concerned about "depression" amongst his children. They have their issues and concerns. Many teenagers are not very strong as you think, even though they play like they are hard-headed.

Many have reported they take drugs when they are stressed out. They found drugs and alcohol as their self-medication. Many treat depressive people as jock or evil spirits. Honestly, I have seen people making fun of depressed people.  But it is not fun to play with someone's emotions; it is a matter of life and death. It is something to which society, particularly youngsters, must pay attention. When we lose our sense of rhythm in our lives, we feel depressed. They don't appear to be any different from regular ones. Most gorgeous people have a lot of terrible stories to hide behind their pretty appearances. Because you can't assess a person just based on their appearance, you must treat everyone with warmth and compassion. Anxiety and sadness make you feel terrified and exhausted at the same time. It's a fear of failure combined with a lack of motivation to be productive. They wish to make more friends in their lives but are afraid of social situations. They like to be alone, rather than being accompanied by anyone. Yet, they are scared to be lonely and need someone to hold their hands. They wish to share their tales of life with someone else, but they remain numb and paralyzed inside. It is not about being sad or crying and dressing black. But it is all about being numb inside.

Some of them claimed that marijuana and cocaine make them feel happier and more confident. Some believe that drugs help students focus on their studies during exams. Many people have claimed that using drugs before exams helps them remember their lessons and score well. Even doctors prescribe narcotics and tranquilizers to help students stay more engaged in their studies. The majority of children, on the other hand, utilize drugs for their pleasure. When they are bored or have a void in their hearts, they turn to drugs and alcohol. It encourages them to form bonds with other children who are dealing with similar problems. Some people said they began using drugs because they lacked confidence and were shy. We've seen numerous articles in which people claim they can accomplish everything they want when under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Nowadays, we can find alcohol and narcotics in almost any country. It's available everywhere, from DJ parties to funerals. The record shows the United States of America, Afghanistan, the United Kingdom are at risk. India also is becoming a concern in the world. India also is becoming a concern in the world.

Miss Kerala 2019 and Miss South India 2021, 25-year-old Ansi Kabeer, and Miss Kerala runner-up, 26-year-old Dr. Anjana Shajan, died in unknown circumstances in Kerala. After attending a DJ party at the No. 18 four-star hotel, their car met with an accident. Ashik, a 24-year-old friend of theirs, was also gravely hurt and died the next day.

According to police records, the car's driver, Abdul Rahman, 25, was intoxicated and drugged during the celebration. Miss Kerala and the runner-up, on the other hand, were chased by an Audi automobile, according to police. However, why the hotel's CCTV pictures are absent remains a mystery. We don't know if Ansi Kabeer and Anjana Shajan had taken drugs or not; However, the only thing we know is that after their club celebration, both beauties bid their final goodbyes to the world. There will be trouble in some form or another. But sometimes we like to invite problems into our own life. Ansi Kabeer's last post caption "it’s time to go" on Instagram was deep. The arrest of Sharukh khan's son Aryan Khan due to the party in a luxurious ship was an enormous buzz all over the country. There were a lot of people arrested at the club party drug case.

'What many people don't realize is that drug and alcohol addiction is a disease. I'm not referring to folks who have only experimented with drugs or alcohol once. I'm referring to those who use things as part of their routine. Many problems have evolved in society as a result of drug and alcohol abuse. We must figure out why children are becoming increasingly addicted to drugs and alcohol. Rather than being afraid of them, we should show compassion. Many individuals have shamed and criticized addicts. But what you don't realize is that it will simply worsen the situation. It's a scientifically proven fact that showing kindness can ease pain and anxiety in someone's life. Being rude is an easy task but showing kindness is very hard. Heal them with gentleness instead of being judgemental. Even our smile has a magical power to heal people's hearts.

Take classes on drugs and alcohol to raise awareness among children. Teach them that doing drugs is the equivalent of scribbling their and their loved ones' deaths on a blank piece of paper. You have a danger of being involved in an accident while under the influence of drugs, no matter where you are. They are also at risk of being sexually attacked or engaging in unprotected sex. Pregnancy or a sexually transmitted infection can develop from either of them. Under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they can potentially conduct sexual assault or other violent acts. Giving a session in every class about the consequences of using drugs and alcohol in schools will raise awareness in their lives. People who use a lot of narcotics and other drugs turn become psychopaths and murder real people. If we look at the history of criminal records, many serial killers, including Harold Frederick Shipman and Richard Ramirez, Stephen Peter Morin, were addicted to drugs. Allow children to learn about the dangers of addiction, such as an increased chance of mental disease, depression, suicide, and death.

We are budding children in a beautiful garden. We may come across thorns for miles at a time. We all have times when we desire to give up our lives and flee from our fears. It's okay to make mistakes now and again. It's fine for folks to be judgemental at times. All you have to do now is continue to bloom. True, no one can ever be a rose or lily-like flower. But, despite our flaws, we can be a unique flower. Each of us is unique and special in our ways.

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