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Is NEET necessary for India or Not?

Is NEET necessary for India or Not?

The National Eligibility Entrance Test was conducted by the National Testing Agency with the help of the Union government and the Medical Council of India (MCI). Medical students who wish to gain admission to medical colleges to become doctors must take this national-level examination. The main eligibility criteria is that one must pass the 12th exam, either on a state board or CBSC.

Behind the Scenes

The issue is, rich people who can study in coaching classes for the NEET exams can give their fullest effort. With the increased resources they have access to, they have better odds of passing. However, the middle class and the impoverished cannot afford NEET coaching classes, thus lowering their odds of success.

One who studied hard during their higher education may also have a chance of cracking the

NEET exam. However, the number of students who pass like this is low. This means those who studied in coaching classes have a chance of passing the exam because they were prepared and trained by experts or teachers.

A Million-Dollar Business

Coaching centres make money by attracting students. A news18 report said that the NEET one-month crash course fee for a person is almost from 10,000 to 40,000 because this is short-term coaching and long-term coaching they charge from Rs. 4 lakh up to Rs. 5 lakh.

This is a million-dollar business. If any government banned the NEET exam in their state, students would have no need to study for the NEET exam. Coaching centres and teachers will not teach the course. As a result, there will be no business.

Cheating for the NEET Exam

On July 2022, A scam was detected by the CBI in which a person impersonates the student and solve the NEET exam paper. That impersonated person can get 5 lakhs for taking the NEET exam. Each seat costs Rs. 20 lakhs. The main mastermind was Sushil Ranjan. A total of 11 people are were discovered to be cheating and were arrested in Delhi in relation to the discovery.

Continuous suicides

According to NCRB data, in 2017, 9,905 students passed away. In 2018, 10,159 students died. In 2019, 10,335 students passed away. In 2020, 12,526 students died. In 2021, 13,089 students lost their lives. This is not a math calculation; these are the numbers of students who have committed suicide because of "failing the exam."

From 864 to 10,732 students are under 18. These numbers are annual and shocking. We are talking about ten’s of thousand’s of kids losing their lives per year. They are our next generation, a generation that can bring forth the next wave of change. Some students commit suicide because of pressure from their parents, neighbours, teachers, etc. Many, however, do it because they were unable to achieve their dreams.

NEET Opposistion:

Tamil Nadu was the first state to file a report against the NEET exam with the union government, asking for its bypass.This followed almost six states opposing NEET, JEE, and other exams.

The current DMK government of Tamilnadu promised its people before the election that it would ban the NEET exam in Tamilnadu after its arrival. Tamil Nadu government passed the NEET exemption bill for the second time in February 2022. Now the case is before the Supreme Court.

The Bottom Line:

Exams are not a way of life; they are a way of entering a new position or course of study. If you fail, you should be offered another chance; if no chance is available, another opportunity will eventually come your way. So be a brave person who is unbreakable in the world.

If you are feeling stressed or planning to make a wrong decision in your life, please reach out foe help.

Call +91 9152987821; this is the number of "icallhelpline," which is a counselling hot line for preventing suicides and talking about mental health problems. Their website link is .


-as reported by Bala Santhosh.

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