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JEE Preparations and Beyond

Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) is an engineering entrance examination held for getting admission to various Engineering colleges countrywide. JEE has been here for years now, an aim, a goal, and a journey altogether for students wanting to pursue engineering. With the craze of computers, automobiles, mobile phones, and the whole process to become the builder of these entities, the initial step is to get into engineering. These little ambitions hit the minds of the prosperous generation of ours in different ages, some decide to crack it in 9th, some in 11th, while some take the JEE after their boards in 12th.  The end goal remains some, the journey very vivid, but the highs and lows and side to sides are pretty same at the extremes, with every aspirant. JEE is a set of two examinations popularly known as Jee Mains and Jee Advanced, the second one is optional, but is mandatory for students aiming for IITs, etc.


Jee examination preparation can be a bright or dark journey and it depends on the way you see it. It’s very different from other entrance exams held after 12th, so it needs special efforts and practice because of which many students focus on this ignoring other exams and end up having no backup plan, lakhs of students competing for the same IIT Bombay-CSE seat. 


Students preparing for this examination generally don’t have a social life as the world around them is the world of physics not physique. The preparation after 12th is nothing less than a comeback from hibernation after 2 years of sleep. You might miss many important family functions Or ceremonies but have to know the functions in derivatives and integration. Neighbors talk only about studies, as it is a controversial debate whether the aspirant is going to get to the end with a flag or not.


 Categorization and reservation are always a matter of disgust for the high scorers’ of the General category, the students who deserve the opportunity still get there though. Students preparing for this examination have a difficult time rolling back to the point 0 if they ever fail. Aspirants find it difficult to be consistent during the preparation due to the vast and tough syllabus, it feels never-ending and critical. There comes the role of coaching institutes, providing structured syllabus, resources. Is a coaching institute worth it for the prep of the future? I doubt that. I have the personal experience of being in one. It didn't qualify the quality criteria of teaching or even moderately completing the syllabus. Jee is the best examination to test the concepts of a student and not the skills of memorizing and mugging up the text of textbooks. 


Aspirants try to secure seats in various famous Institutions across the country. When they decide to enrich their knowledge and skills in the field of science with a badge of an engineer, they are bound to run alongside others in a virtual race. Aspirants are well fed with only one thought of "study now, fun later". The story of JEE doesn't end at the preparation, the after story is as fun. Initially, everyone is lost and confused about which institute to go with as plenty of options are available in the market, the government, with the lesser fee or the private one with more placement rates, is it going to be IIIT or NIT, Quora and Google and every search engine is still receiving reviews of colleges and every year students jam the search with "which is better" questions. 


JEE requires a lot of hard work, practice, and consistency and, if a person is working hard for JEE, boards examination can be a cakewalk for him, this process is not limited to the student, the parents, siblings, cousins, relatives, neighbour and the teachers all have a keen interest, good or bad, can't say, but they are all in, with eyes on you. The journey is steep and stool but when it's over there's a string of beautiful journeys and even if not, it's a lesson-filled choice the aspirant makes for life.


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