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Life of a College Student Now: Online Education, Online Fest and Online Internships

Online schooling has always been a valid option that encourages pursuing education and simultaneously working on side hustles too. The onset of COVID has boosted online schooling and online education has been widespread – most schools in the world have opted to teach online because it was the best way to continue with classes while being safe at home.

A lot of platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google meets and others have produced millions because schools and colleges used these platforms to teach and hand out assignments. We can assign and submit assignments on these platforms, as every tool needed by students and teachers is provided here.

With online education at its peak, online fests have also started. Colleges conduct many fests where students can partake and win prizes. And so, these fests are being held online. People join meetings and present in front of hundreds of people. This practice compromises on a one-to-one experience of a student’s exposure. We are forced to comply, keeping in mind the increased COVID cases, this is the best option that most educational institutes are left with.

Online Internships are the new norm. With offices closed and even full-time employees not being able to go to the office, internships are being held online, and every meeting is being held in Zoom or Google Meet. Since people are still able to get the job done, this, in turn, has made a lot of companies understand that they do not need people around every day and some people can work from home too.

I managed to make a survey and share it with some of my peers for their feedback and input on online college, online fests, and online internships. This is the data that I gathered:-

Online College

Almost all colleges in India were closed for months and classes were being conducted online due to the rising COVID numbers. A majority of students around India have completed half of their college years in the comfort of home and kept away from visiting their campus. 100% of the students who took my survey have attended online college.

When asked about the pros of online college, some students talked positively about online exams, time management, recorded classes, and comfort. A majority of students in the survey also wrote “no pros.” While some students were able to mention the good side of online college, most of them favored staying in their comfort zone and getting the education they need. College is about going out and stepping out of one's comfort zone – that is certainly not happening.

When asked about the cons of online colleges, students talked about COVID-19 risks, rigid timing, no interacting with friends and teachers. The survey entails that students are missing out on experiences that they wished for most of their lives, and it is even harder for people to make friends.

100% of the students who took the survey did not prefer online college to offline college and wanted to get back to their colleges as soon as possible.

Online Fests

Online fests allow us to take part in competitions that are happening all around India without having to be in that place, but it also lacks interaction. 100% of the students who took my survey said that they have taken part in at least one online fest.

When asked about the pros of online fests, students mentioned more people, wider/better competition, and not having to go anywhere. While online fests have allowed students to mingle with students from different colleges, we won’t know how much students are enjoying and learning from online fests.

When asked about the cons of online fests, students mention, less enjoyable, less lively, less exposure, and no personal interaction. One person also mentioned, “Everything is a con when it comes to online fests.” 100% of the people who took the survey said that they would prefer offline fests to online even since they would get more chances to mingle in offline fests.

Online Internships

Nowadays, it is extremely important to collect experience with work exposure. We need to work and get internships to have a better understanding of what the world has to offer. 73.33% of the students who took my survey said that they have taken part in online internships. 26.67% of the students have not been to any sort of online internship.

When asked about the pros of an online internship, students spoke positively about time management, flexibility, and work from home. Again, we can see that students can sit at home and do these internships, but they are not stepping out of their comfort zone to achieve what they want.

When asked about the cons of an online internship, students mentioned less time in the office, no learning experience, and no field experience. 64.29% of the people who took the survey said that they prefer offline internships to online, while 35.71% of the people preferred online internships to offline ones.

Due to COVID, we do not have much choice here and need to do what is important to keep ourselves and our families safe, but it is high time everyone realizes that while online education is the only choice here but giving experience is what teaches us about the real world. With no experience and no motivation, it will be hard for the upcoming generation to sustain themselves in the world.


Photo Credit: Unsplash, Avery Evans 

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