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Men's Mental Health: An Unspoken Ongoing Battle

(You are not alone. Help is available at 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline)


On the afternoon of August 31, fans of the well-known HBO series 'Euphoria' are mourning the death of actor Angus Cloud. He was just 25 years old. 


In a statement released by his family, Cloud's family confirmed the actor died at his family's home in Oakland, California.


"It is with the heaviest heart that we had to say goodbye to an incredible human today,” Cloud’s family statement read. “As an artist, a friend, a brother, and a son, Angus was special to all of us in so many ways."


According to the statement, Cloud (who played Fez in the show) also coped with his father's death, Conor Hickey, who passed away and was buried last week.


“The only comfort we have is knowing Angus is now reunited with his dad, his best friend,” the family’s statement also states.


The cause of death has not yet been confirmed; however, TMZ highlighted the possibility of an overdose and, eventually, a suicidal act to heal the pain of his loss.


“A source close to the family tells us Angus had been battling severe suicidal thoughts after returning from Ireland, where they laid his father to rest,” the exclusive says. 


In less than a few hours, the entire press announced the tragic news on their platforms, and millions of users commented on how devastated they were by the announcement.


“We are incredibly saddened to learn of the passing of Angus Cloud, HBO and Euphoria's official Instagram accounts shared in a post.


“He was immensely talented and a beloved part of the HBO and Euphoria family. We extend our deepest condolences to his friends and family during this difficult time,” the post continued. 


Cloud's co-stars in the series shared their farewell messages and deepest condolences with his family through their respective media platforms.


“Angus, you were an open soul, with the kindest heart, and you filled every room with laughter,” Sydney Sweeney wrote in an Instagram post. “...I'm so blessed to have known you in this lifetime, and I'm sure everyone who has ever met you feels the same.” 


“Words are not enough to describe the infinite beauty of Angus (Conor). I’m so grateful I got the chance to know him in this life, to call him a brother, to see his warm, kind eyes and bright smile, or hear his infectious cackle of a laugh,” Zendaya wrote in an Instagram photo. 


“My heart is with his mother and family at this time, and please be kind and patient as grief looks different for everyone,” Zendaya’s post ended. 


Men's Mental Health Stigma: A Worldwide Problem 


Within the same statement made by the Cloud family was mentioned how important it was for the actor to address issues such as mental health. 


“Angus was open about his battle with mental health, and we hope that his passing can be a reminder to others that they are not alone and should not fight this on their own in silence,” The statement said.


Although mental health is getting more and more attention, most people are finally giving it the importance it deserves in different parts of the world. However, men have different experiences with mental health problems, leading to other– and sometimes more – challenges.


According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIH), “Men are less likely to have received mental health treatment than women in the past year.”


According to an infographic by Mental Health America (MHA), “One in five adults experience a mental health problem each year.”


In 2021, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the suicide rate among men was four times higher than among women. The highest suicide rates are found in men over 85 years old.


The root of many of these problems men face is primarily due to the lifestyle and different beliefs they have grown up with. 


Gender stereotypes and misconceptions about sexism assume that it is a social problem that only affects women. False; in reality, it's a societal issue that can be harmful in different aspects, both for men and women. 


I’m not only discussing this topic based on statistical data or information found in news articles. I’ve seen these attitudes in my family and social circle. 


Men within my family, close friends–and others not so close – are subject to the ideologies of masculinity. They live under many rules to comply with specific characteristics created to feel socially accepted.


One of the most common stereotypes of men includes: being cold and strict and not showing their emotions or showing extra affection towards other people. Otherwise, they could be considered "weak" or "sensitive"; they must be solid and dominant because "men are strong" or "men don't cry"; they must be independent and become the protectors of the family or their romantic partner without asking for the same in return.


Due to the normalization of these frequent and ongoing problems, men's mental health tends to be neglected or ignored. 


Often men, no matter how much they need help or need to express their emotions, are unable to do so because they feel self-conscious and guilty about showing their vulnerability, facing more difficulties in showing their true feelings and containing their emotions and mental struggles.


How can we help in this matter?


Our emotions count, with no exceptions to the rule. Yet, these same mental disorders manifest differently in men and women.  


According to a Healthline article, men tend to suffer from high levels of anger and aggression compared to women, who usually become more submissive. However, this can vary between individuals.


I bet everyone reading this article has dealt with a bad day or a moment that caused them emotional discomfort. It's normal, and there's no reason to feel guilty or ashamed about it. 


If you know someone who is going through a difficult time, always remind them that they are not alone and that they are in a safe place where they will not be criticized. 


Check in with the men in your life, and don't let your loved ones suffer in silence.


Rest in peace, Angus Cloud.

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