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We each have our very own understanding of how the world works; we have our way of living. Unfortunately, human nature demands that we impose our version of life as it should be on others. We do not think of how other people’s actions or characters came to be. We declare ourselves supreme judges and never imagine the possibility of being judged too. I love the movie ‘The Shack’ when McKenzie is asked the question, “Do you think you think you have the power to decide what is right or wrong? Because that is the reason for most wars and violence”. It is so true; we have decided to fight for every cause by whatever means necessary. Whatever it takes to iron grievances and air out our opinion, whoever goes down – for as long as it takes. We are hungry for power, control, and domination – it makes us feel important and secure in life, never changing. Indeed we are more adaptable than dinosaurs, but we do not enjoy change. It brings a loss, new ways of living, and sometimes grief. We have learned to measure whatever comes as change as a disruption. We would love for things to get better and glorious living to be constant, but we are too different to maintain a status quo. Every once in a while, a paradigm shift stops life as we know it and demands us to see life differently and experience the pain of failure, unmet expectations, and crushed dreams. We have an adrenalin rush; now we decide to fight or flee, and should we choose to fight, how far should we go? Do we fight for or fight for a cause? If we fight for a reason, who will we call ‘guilty,’ who will we sentence, and for how long? The test of who we are comes after deciding what to do with pain. We only know then if we are judges or not. We all have ‘secondary’ opinions about the decisions others make. I say secondary because it is none of our business, or we do not fully understand the circumstances that led to that decision. We regard evil purely canal by choice for malicious intentions without understanding their default reaction to events that may remind us of a pain they have had to fight. We belittle our evil deeds simply because “we can never do that .”But we live with imperfections, most of which we hide – in case we are judged. It is pretty easy to live our lives in the shadow of what we are expected to be. Let the ‘evil’ show their true colors and stand out. I am not condoning acts of violence and measuring compared to any other unethical actions that may seem lighter than violence. I am simply stating that we need to understand the root of what we deem evil because the reason behind some violent acts is a cry for help. An injustice fuels a choice to fight or flee, or rather vengeance or fleeing. We should note that sometimes greed goes a long way in hurting those that hold a source of power. I have never seen a murder mystery documentary that did give a painful backstory of a serial killer or a drug lord. This brings us back to the decisions we make when mistreated or when we have been betrayed so much that we are at a loss. Where do we go, and how do we cope. Sure two wrongs do not make a right. No pain caused by anyone can ever be justified. But we all do; in minor ways, we explain the wrong we do compare to what we feel is more fabulous. The world would be better if we took most of our secondary opinions and evaluated them. If we each justify our evil deeds with pain, we will have selfish, violent, and self-serving decision-makers running economies, justice systems, and security. We cannot make this world a haven if we do not consider our actions and adapt gracefully to the constant shifts we live through in a lifetime.

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