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Monotheism and the Mystification of Polytheism

Over the centuries, various myths have been built and woven around the heavens because of their sheer vastness and intriguing celestial objects. The sky and celestial objects aren’t just fascinating existences to be gazed at for their beauty. They have answers to all of our questions if we look closely enough. This practice or science, astrology, was an important custom during the ancient period. Then, there was a deep connection to nature and the universe, and the heavens were looked to for guidance, including spiritual ones. However, this belief will later be threatened by monotheistic religions.

The spread of monotheism, religions that believe in the existence of one god, demonized and paganized astrology, and beliefs in other celestial beings and spirits. This shift in opinion became evident during the reign of Emperor Constantine of the Roman Empire. Emperor Constantine, the first Roman emperor to convert to Christianity, helped popularize Christianity at the expense of other religious practices. Although he initially proclaimed religious tolerance throughout the empire, he would later make decisions that didn’t align with his earlier edicts. In the year 324, Constantine adopted Christianity as the official religion of the Byzantine state.

Following Constantine's conversion to Christianity and the religion becoming the official one, the influence of astrology started waning. The Christian church started opposing the teachings and claiming them to be false and heretical. Furthermore, Constantine also issued edicts against the Chaldeans, astrologers who lived in Chaldea, threatening them and their followers with death. The practice was demonized, its doctrine called false, and its followers persecuted and called heathens, all because they felt threatened by their teachings.

Monotheism: The Belief in Only One God

The belief in monotheism is popular in religions like Christianity or Islam. It can also be found at one end of the religious spectrum, the Right-Hand Path, which also has a monotheistic belief in a creator god. Before monotheism, people could commune with different gods, spirits, and elements without their practices being demonized. However, today, or hundreds of years ago, during the spread of monotheistic religions, this isn’t the case. This raises the question of why belief in black magic, sorcery, and spirits is stigmatized.

The answer is simple: the practice and teachings threaten the core beliefs of monotheistic religions and the theologists who spread the teachings. 

Polytheism: The Belief in More Than One God

The personification of the polytheistic belief that threatens the existence of a creator or a universal God is the Left-Hand Path. Occultists and the esoteric religion of polytheism exist in defiance of popular culture with their confidence in people’s capability to become their gods through communicating and interacting with the spirit world. Numerology is another example of the occult, which draws meaning from numbers. These meanings are used to interpret the underlying patterns of the universe, which in turn reveal unique truths about people. Lastly, a mystery school also focuses on esoteric supernatural beliefs or knowledge for spiritual evolution. This knowledge is passed down to those who are willing to learn.

Occultism, or the belief in the supernatural, has always existed, although its popularity scale is debatable. Sorcery, spirits, demons, and black magic have been recognized throughout history. There is demonology, which is the study of monsters, ghosts, or demonic beliefs. If they weren’t real, no religion would go to such an extent to "demonize" them and their rites. People are frequently afraid of what they do not understand or have no control over. As a result, the alternative options are to feign ignorance about their existence or attribute their practice to evil, demonic, or dark forces. Today, there are numerous slanderous comments about rules that tilt towards the Left-Hand path, with human and animal rituals being one of the most prevalent. Black magic, for instance, is attributed to evil worship. Regrettably, these misconceptions all stemmed from ignorance or fear.

Closing our eyes or shutting our ears away from reality won’t stop fact from existing; it is a futile attempt. There is no amount of denying the existence of demons, spirits, black magick, and other celestial or supernatural beings or entities that will make them cease to exist. In addition, religions and other practices that represent these beings as evil are further proof of their existence.

Why Become Reduced to a Monotheistic Religion?

If we pay just the right amount of attention to the universe and not to a religion or a god created by some group of humans, we will find answers to all our queries, relief from pain, and recourse to our worries. We can ascend to godhood and become gods in every area of our lives—physically, psychologically, or financially, to name a few. We can take control of our lives by enlightening ourselves with the most dominant force known to humanity, astrology. While it has been mystified by traditional mainstream culture, it shouldn’t be heeded, as the thoughts are hatched from ignorance.


Our lives and how well we want them to turn out remain solely our responsibility and no one else's. Before Judeo-Christianity or other prevalent monotheistic religions, there was polytheism and belief in spirits and cosmic forces. They were believed to be capable of effecting changes on the physical plane if appropriately communicated. This should be the only true religion, with widespread belief in a central god borne from selfish and political intentions, not purely spiritual ones. There are no "dark secrets" in astrology or sorcery, as many have been led to believe. It is time to let go of preconceptions and misconceptions about the occult, witchcraft, and spirit and become enlightened.

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