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More people died of suicide in 2020 than the number of deaths due to the Covid19 Virus in India

We Indians have always been proud of our country. The history of our ancestors making sacrifices for the freedom of the next generation is not so simple. Millions of innocent people shed their blood in our land to build a country like today. The people like Mahatma Gandhi and Rabindranath Tagore are still trending subjects around the globe. Places such as the Taj Mahal and Qutub Minar, as well as rich history and culture, make our India stand out from the rest of the world. Thousands of people from different countries have come every day to hang around to enjoy the green nature and feel the yummy foods. However, recent research shows that our country is changing into chaos where people are no longer safe.

The new research clearly shows India's level of death series in 2020 was much worse than the people who died in the Wuhan Covid 19 virus. According to the NCRB report, beyond one hundred and fifty-three thousand people died by suicide in India, the same year where one hundred and forty-nine thousand people died in 2020 in Covid 19 virus. It is the highest number of suicide that occurred in the last ten years. Maharashtra is the highest number reported in India, followed by Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, and Karnataka.

 How did this happen? What is happening to India? What is the reason people being prompt to take their own life?

Records show that family problem is one of the prime cause of suicide in many people. It says more than 51,477 had taken their life because of family problems in 2020. When the pandemic caused us to isolate ourselves from the rest of the world, it created dilemmas in our private life. Living with different personalities clash very often and drives many to commit suicide rather than solve problems. The media disclosed that the incidence of domestic violence and assaults has been increasing since 2020. Studies claim that at least 22,000 housewives killed themselves as a way to escape from a toxic family. According to the reports, many of them mentally and physically were abused by their husbands and parents. Sadly, for many of them, that was just the beginning of their lives.

The Wuhan pandemic forced many daily wage workers to lose their jobs 37000 people committed suicide due to the sudden loss of work and lack of money. When the villainous Covid 19 was suddenly appeared out of nowhere in India, many of them had no idea what to do next. The swift change of life was too hazardous for them to handle. According to the study, in 2020, children had also faced emotional and psychological barriers due to the lockdown. According to news reports, 173 children aged 10 to 18 killed themselves in Kerala between March and October 2020, while the country was under lockdown. If Kerala itself lost 173 children, what about the rest of India? According to NCRB reports, nearly 12,000 students took their life in India while they were in isolation. Children were isolated in the home alone, far away from their friends, and as you know, many did not have access to the online class, which made them struggle with their stress level.

Many had become prisoners of depression when people started to isolate themselves from the rest of the world. There are times that people cannot express or explain what is going on in their minds. People seem perfectly fine to others even though they are battling a war with their inner soul. Last year we had lost many people due to depressive disorder. Sushant Singh, the promising actors in India, was one of them. We all know how horrifying news it was when we heard his death news, and his fans are still struggling to believe that he is gone. Depression in celebrities is not a new thing. They are human with flesh blood. We disgrace and criticize them for what they do as their job. Stars have feelings, too, and if you send a malicious tweet their way, they can become choked up. We, as fans, seldom see that emotional reaction, so Jimmy Kimmel and many talk show hosts wanted their fans to recognize the anguish that a brutally phrased 140-character post can cause on a celebrity's sensitive psyche. Celebrity suicide due to mental health is more critical in countries like Korea and Japan. Jonghyun, the main vocalist of the South Korean boy band Shinee, Sulli, Korean actress and singer to Japanese actor Haruma Miura, all committed suicide at a young age due to mental health. So remember, when you throw stones at people, it will really hurt, and you are probably one of the reason many of them takes their life.

In India, many think depression is demonic possession. Many are unaware of the critical situation in mental healthiness. We don't know what is going on their life. Things that happened in the past to the things happening right now, everything hurts some people. Most of them are living in the prison of their thoughts. We can say that India does not have much divorce rate like other countries. But what about happiness? Most people in India hide their toxic relationships because they think divorce is a shameful sin. Remember, sometimes we fall out of love. There is nothing we can do to change that if our fight is not worthy enough. Sometimes we travel through different emotions and feelings to find inner peace. Sometimes we have to go through the storm to find the right scattered pieces. Even though it says silent is not empty, it is full of answers; people do not understand your inner thoughts until you put in words and tell them loudly. If you are afraid of what others think, think again that others want to help you. Children are one of the other reasons why people are terrified to get out in an unhealthy relationship. However, the question is, how are you possibly stay alive if you are in a toxic relationship? If you are staying in an unhealthy relationship because of children, it will probably destroy you. You deserve to be happy, and there is no selfishness in that. Don't let anything sabotage the sweetness of your life. Make your children more understanding about the situation, and one day they will be proud of what you did. The report shows nearly 7,636 took their life because of marriage-related issues, and more than 6,757 people died because of the love affair. It is not too late to get out for those who are having a mentally unstable relationship.

Drug addiction and Alcoholic addiction are the main reasons for many family problems. Most of the youngsters are addicted to drugs like marijuana and creates trouble for their life and others. Many students are growing secret weeds in their homes and hostel to enjoy themselves. Many are forgetting after-effects in their life. The student who is excellent at studying gets trapped into addiction. Many just started only fun, but later, before they knew, they became addicted to drugs. The NCRB reported that 9,169 took their life because of drug and alcohol addiction, while 41,419 killed themselves because of illness.

The report has shown more than 104,978 men killed themselves, whereas 45,000 women took their life. Hanging and poisoning are the two means of medium which people use to kill themselves. The statistics of suicide show that it is a failure of every ruler in our country. A leader's goal is to protect and guide the nation when the country is in darkness. However, many only become leaders to make their pocket enough and live in luxury while their people are killing themselves. Now we need a change from this corrupted country. We need a good government that protects people's rights and recognizes their effort. They should know how to overcome issues, open up new possibilities, and do the seemingly impossible. Their decisions ought to be wise, and they need to be aware of the situation of people. Good governance is a method of assessing how well public institutions manage public affairs and public resources.

The problems transgender facing is one of the significant issues in India. Even though people have seen how cruel the world is and still want to come out as who they are, that teach transgender is not a choice. It is not becoming another person; it is what they are. Many are getting kicked out of their family and friends, and society because of their identity. People are seeing them with fear and shame. It is better to understand everyone has that everyone has a different journey in their life. Many chose prostitutions due to the lack of jobs in society. The report claims that 22 transgender killed themselves in India due to emotional pressure. Gays, trans genders, lesbians, let all of them have the right to have lived without any fear. Because this world is theirs too, and we should accept that.

We are living in the 21st century. We need to change our hatred for other's life and ourselves for the sake of our future. People should need more open about their feelings and become close to their families. Let the children have developed a friendship with their parents rather than fear. Show them how precious our life is and train them to accept it is ok to fail sometimes. Teach them to learn from their life and be a flashlight in their life when they face the darkness. The one who needs change is us. So take a look at yourself before you make a judgment on others. There are better days ahead if you are willing for a change.

Written by Betzy Brize & Edited By Janvi Singh

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