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Narco Aesthetics: A woman is elegant and never needs any surgery to attract Masculinity.

Sinaloa is a city with a hazy atmosphere not due to storming winds but due to warm smoke. The National Drug Intelligence Centre highlighted the contribution of Mexico in the supply of Illicit fentanyl to North America. It is famous for agricultural production publicly but is known for narcos clandestinely. It has a connection to the circulation of MDMA, Cocaine, Heroin, Methamphetamine, Cannabis. Relationships between money, woman, narcos, and surgery are intricate.

Every state has some obsession. India is obsessed with the politics of religion, whereas the USA has an allergy to some communities (black lives matter). Pakistan, Iran love explosions. Mexico is one of the many trending regions due to drugs and plastic surgery. Dr. Rafaela Martinez Terrazas is flooded nowadays with appointments of "Narco Aesthetics." We are diverting from the topic of existence. Just like the latest update of an app, we want to upgrade ourselves. The feminism movement sounds contradictory when women visit hospitals and demand surgeries to obtain massive breasts, huge tits, curved waists, etc.

Let's assume that Culture is a character who would rather stay silent and watch the weird and feminized silhouette than explaining the state of oblivion.

Females are not in the state of understanding the value of their body that pulls just every warrior, emperor, academicians, leader, etc. Females from almost all age groups used to visit the clinic and ask for surgeries. When the doctor used to ask for consent, they used to say, Do as per his orders. Many a time women came with their mothers, friends, boyfriends, etc. When they used to wait for their number to come, they had wonderful leisure activity of competing with each other over the whims and fancies of their physicality.

"I explain to them that, after a while, he won't be your boyfriend anymore, but your body will be his property for the rest of life," Rafaela said. This advice got dissolved in the same smoke of desired drugs. Remnants of beautiful, physical ashes are witnessed everywhere in Mexico. The random calls of men contain the same content. He said, 'You know my choices and preferences. So, mold her as instructed.'

In Mexico, a woman who gets ready for the destruction of her beauty and aspires for pseudo features is called 'LA BUCHONA.' What is LA BUCHONA? It is the upgraded and intensified version of a woman. Sex is a thing with immense elegance. Man & woman have specific structures to stabilize each other and create something out of that union. Union in Mexico is linked to shapes and sizes and not to intensity and dignity.

The fundamental problem in this matter is the motive of surgery. When something happens out of the gratification of senses, it hurts the body and soul too. According to the reports, one man sent almost 30 girls for this surgery and paid $6,500. Isn't this shocking? If the Economy of that region is taken into consideration, then we understand that it largely depends upon drug trafficking. Every public, private institution (hospitals, hotels, bars) revolves around trafficking. etc.

Where is the culture? Culture is wrapped up in drugs and hijacking desires. In Mexico, a man has two doors (Vaginas) to enter into the castle of desires. His wife is looking after his previous product and he is searching for a trophy to showcase his masculinity. The masculinity of a typical and 'unchanged' man wants a 'changed' woman (huge buttocks and luscious breasts).

Is the vibe of union insignificant for those who just want something to squash? Society squashes the man and then his impotent muscles attack soft and aesthetic breasts. Godfather is the name of that impotent man who protects and gives comfort to women. The body needs preservation and decoration. Protection from what? Freedom? The comfort of that girl becomes material but she loses her mystery and her identity of being all-attractive. The culture of Mexico treats women as property owned by the man. A woman lost her life and the reason behind this was enmity between traffickers and their opponents. The entire incident was fostered with hatred. Opponents of the Trafficker attacked the lady and shot her dead. Shooter’s aim was on her nipples and hips just because these parts had bundles invested. No one is raising questions against this type of civilization. Government officials are also subtly engaged in this racket.

Why is it so difficult for a woman to preserve her modesty?

When will the surgeon get an opportunity to slash the penis of patriarchy? The contrast between the ignorant women is justified in just two sentences. Women feel like goddesses when masculinity has not crossed its level but as soon as impotency enters the story, then, every curved and beautiful goddess becomes a utilized slave. Freedom of a few seconds becomes the cage for a lifetime.


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