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#Piers Morgan trending on Twitter, Why?

Piers Morgan's comments regarding the publishing of Prince Harry's memoir “Spare” have made “Piers” a trending hashtag on Twitter in recent days. This memoir was released last Tuesday and has gained lots of media attention. Spare has become the UK’s fastest-selling non-fiction book ever, recording figures of 400,000 on its first day of sale.


In his autobiography, Harry provides his own account of his mother Princess Diana's death, life in the Royal Family, and his marriage to Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. Many TikTok videos have also been spreading, teasing about many of the topics Harry discusses in his book. One of the most popular comments in one video states, “This book should be called Harry: The Intrusive Thoughts.”


In the widespread attention that the autobiography has gained it also earned criticism for Harry's decision to write about the royal family. Piers Morgan, a well-known television personality and journalist recognised for his discussions and sharp judgements is one of Harry’s and his wife, Meghan Markle’s biggest critic.


Before the book was officially released, there had been a leak of his book in which many news companies had published stories detailing what was mentioned. On twitter Piers had posted overall more than  20 tweets.


In the tweets he calls Harry's autobiography a “nasty flame-throwing garbage”. He refers to Harry as a “colossal tit”, “bitter, delusional..halfwit” and “pathetic”. On Piers' talk show, Uncensored, he throws a copy of the book in a trash bin.


It is clear to see that Piers is not the couples biggest fan.


However this is not the first time Piers has criticised Harry and Meghan. On March 7th 2021, during Meghan and Harry's infamous interview with Oprah Winfrey they disclosed many racist experiences they had with the Royal family and announced that they would not return as members of the Royal family.


Meghan had stated that there were concerns and conversations about Archie’s skin colour. She makes it apparent that her interactions with the Royal family varied from those of other members, since although some were disrespectful to them, they were racist to her.


This interview was the catalyst of what caused tension within the royal family. A source told the Mirror that their relationship is still "extremely frosty" during Prince Phillip's burial and that the tensions have not subsided after the interview was released. During a Today interview with Hoda Kotb in April 2022, Harry was asked if he "missed" his brother and father. He sidestepped the question by claiming that his focus was on the athletes at the Invictus Games and their families and giving everything he had, and that when he got home, his focus was on his kids.


After the interview, Piers had blasted Meghan on Good Morning Britain claiming that he did not trust her claims that the royal establishment had treated her unfairly. The British media watchdog received more than 50,000 complaints about his remarks, including one from Meghan herself. Sources close to her claim that this was not because he was critical of her but rather because she was worried about how it would effect others who are open about having mental health issues. T&C knows that Meghan personally phoned ITV, and this was the first time she had done so.


With the response from Meghan, Piers stated in a tweet sent out on the following Wednesday morning that he had given the Oprah interview some thought but still did not believe her. He said thanks for the love and hate he received saying that he was “off to spend more time” with his opinions.


"I still have serious concerns about the veracity of a lot of what Meghan said, but that he should not have inquired as to whether she felt "suicidal" he stated. Her going to a senior member and being told she couldn't have any aid because it would be embarrassing for the family, he continued, was his "real concern" and "was a disbelief frankly".


The first episode of Uncensored aired on April 27th, each hour included bold discussions and candid interviews with the world's most influential people. Piers delivers an unmissable opinion on the day's major events.


Many think that Piers' animosity with Meghan stems from the time she ghosted him after they had a platonic drink date in 2016. Morgan wrote an article for Daily Mail, where he explained how she had contacted him on Twitter to let him know she would be in town and wanted to say hello. They met in a neighbourhood pub, where they conversed for a bit before she had to depart for a dinner party.

Morgan revealed that she was seen with Prince Harry in Soho House the following night and quipped that it didn’t surprise him that Harry had liked her.

Piers complimented Megan, saying that she has “beauty, brains, charm and a great sense of humour”. In the column, he urged Prince Harry not to pay attention. "ignore all the poisonous rubbish you're reading or hearing about her." He referred to Meghan as “perfect princess material.”

After the proposal, Piers took to twitter asking whether he would get an invite to the wedding. He did not. On May 21st, he wrote a column presenting it as a letter to Meghan. A letter of warning about the challenges she may receive.


When Morgan appeared on the "Late Late Show" and retold his story about meeting Markle. He said that he "really liked her’ which is why the ghosting ‘hurt him," Morgan said while laughing calling her a ‘slight social climber."


He became more critical of Markle with time, and on "Good Morning Britain," he interviewed her estranged Father. He was particularly censorious of Thomas' absence from the wedding (a circumstance for which Piers blamed Meghan Markle).


Morgan published a new article on December 2018 in which he referred to Meghan as "a ruthless social climbing actress" who had scored the "role of her life" and was "milking it" for all it was worth."


Piers Morgan has had many criticisms about Harry’s recent memoir and it might just be because of his complicated relationship with his wife.

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