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Popping in pills to put an end to corona?

Popping in pills to put an end to corona?

The title of the article sounds like everyone's dream in the entire world presently. Honestly, it is one of the primary reasons that made you tap on the link to find out more. As much as the world needs support, it requires authentic news that doesn't annoy or cause panic. Recently, Ram dev baba the owner of Patanjali products launched Coronil medicine, which the company assures of eliminating coronavirus. It would be great, and the entire world would look upon India as a savior! But like you have already expected, it didn't lead to anything of that sort! There are innumerable reasons for the coronil gaining more controversies than consumers. The Coronil invited criticism for it in collaboration with the government. Our Indian government has strategically prepared a plan to get the indigenous vaccinations inoculated to the citizens. This massive production of vaccines isn't limited to the people of India, but we have been generous to export to other countries as well. Certain prominent politicians of the ruling party with an agenda to spread their generosity showed up at the launch of Coronil. Union health minister Harsh Vardhan and Union transport minister Nitin Gadkari was present at the event is a sign of their endorsement of the Patanjali product. If we even put the topic of how effective the vaccine is aside, the ministers favoring such products are deeply disturbing. Certainly, encouraging innovations and discoveries which transform the world for betterment have to be encouraged. But the problem arises when the government is extending awareness programs, conducting campaigns, and motivating the eligible masses to get vaccinated for combating the coronavirus. Ironically, the members of the same government are attending the event of Coronil launch when they should acknowledge and extending coordinated help for the extension of the inoculation system. Speaking of the cogency of the medicine, the top professional doctors find it very disconcerting to see the government inclining towards such products whose efficiency hasn't been proven yet and are demanding an explanation from the company. Coronil the immunity booster and killer of the corona is leaving people precarious if to rely on the vaccine or this medicine, keeping their lives at stake.

Image by Ajay kumar Singh from Pixabay

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