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Premature Adulting in a Pandemic

The Covid-19 virus has created it vacuum in the lives of us youngsters, sucking out a major chunk of our prime years. This had led to countless firsts and lasts missing-last day at school, school farewell, first day in college, first bunk, first kiss and it goes on. Those reiterating tales of our parents back in their school and college days sounds like a farfetched fantasy. Filled with remorse and regret for these lost opportunities and instead being bound within the four walls, can naturally have a detrimental toll on our mental health as well. Sadly this is seldom talked about as the coronavirus cases outshine that.

The wretched feeling of being stuck can really gnaw one from the inside. And at times like these, where the city has metamorphosed into a necropolis and people have to witness their loved ones succumbing not to the much dreaded virus but to the lack of hospital beds and oxygen cylinders, our mental trauma seems far more miniscule in comparison to the former. Moreover, people don’t feel so open to dialogue when it comes to their mental health, leading to them bottling up their emotions and fears and instead becoming a pressure cooker, ready to blow up in a tick. That is the reason we often come across these “Let’s talk about mental health” campaigns over social media for having been reduced to a taboo.

Coming of age was never this rushed and unwelcomed. In no time the innocent brush, book or racquet in our hands has been replaced by a broom or a ladle. The household responsibilities and caretaking of the ailing grown-ups of the house have been placed upon our frail shoulders way too early. The mundane lifestyle can at times be maddening and the grim background of widespread death and destruction can numb one's senses.

At the age of tasting freedom for the first time, the young have been forced to move back into their toxic and abusive homes as the last resort. What ironical times! Abusive households can have a lasting impact on the juvenile mind, scarred and scared. Add the monotonous online classes to the mix and we get an anxious and unhappy youth. No wonder, we as a country has dropped by several ranks in the Global Happiness Index 2021.

With cases skyrocketing with each passing day, the very thought of stepping out the house, worryless and maskless, somehow feels malicious and corrupted. While some pray and yearn to see such a day come, there is sadly this lot of inviduals that has lost all hope and will of returning back to their normal pre-pandemic times. And a message to those defeated souls-" You are not alone, buddy. Hold tight. There’s always this light at the end of the tunnel.”


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