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Raising awareness about the value of the vote and how it can change the destiny of a democracy

The generosity of a democratic nation lies in the undeniable power of each of its citizens to determine the fate of their country.  History tells us that every vote can change the destiny of a democratic country.  Many decades after India’s independence, the people of the country still complain of flawed governance; Well, they are to blame; They have elected government officials.  As the saying goes, voting is not just your right, it is your duty; It has become mandatory for every citizen to come out and vote.

  The turnout in the 2019 general election was 67%.  Now even though it is considered the highest voter turnout compared to last year, it still shows that more than one-third of the people did not vote.  Now if this one-third of the people had voted, it could have changed the fate of the nation.  Media houses need to regularly emphasize the importance of voting.  If most of the educated youth vote, it can take the nation on the path of progress.  To do good for the country, a real candidate has to go through all the economic and other hurdles and spread the correct knowledge about how to vote.

Educating people on how to select the candidates they want to vote for is an important and underlining issue that can lead to better results.  The people need to be made aware and educated to find out about the election manifesto of each candidate.  People should be advised against voting based on caste or religion.  The public should refrain from voting for candidates and political parties who pay free to collect votes from anonymous people.  Candidates should be taught to investigate and analyze their backgrounds, educational qualifications, and jobs to conclude who to vote for.

  Also, the people should take the work documents of the candidates and evaluate whether the promises made to the people in the previous elections have been fulfilled.  People should reject outright 'mere speakers', who give good speeches with eloquence to entice them to vote for them.  The people should be clear about who the real candidates are and what they will do for the people.  The public must also be informed to reject any false or unrealistic manifesto made by political parties.

   Media propaganda is an important factor that has the potential to exterminate and brainwash people with its agenda.  Media neutrality is just as important as anything else.  The media must be neutral in disseminating information about the candidates.  The media has a lot of power to penetrate every mind and think for one.  This powerful tool must realize its responsibility to be independent and to cover impartial news about political campaigns and their agendas.

Such obstacles cause more instability and catastrophe; each political party nowadays has its own channel for its party propaganda.  These channels cover stories with their team opinions and single opinions to promote candidates.  Some of these channels are extremely popular and have a big impact on creating public perceptions.  These channels support the views of their political party and are biased towards their party candidates.  Although there are independent media sources who provide impartial media coverage in the election campaign, in general, all media houses need to understand their responsibilities with impartial journalism.

  NGOs known for doing good social work across the country can take on the responsibility of educating the weaker sections of society, small towns, inner cities, and villages.  NGO volunteers can travel to these inner cities and villages and provide impartial information and seminars on the value of voting and voting for the right candidate.  Human rights activists and social workers can educate the people of the area about their right to vote and to vote conscientiously.

  Many citizens of many countries of the world do not have this opportunity to vote and elect their representatives and many countries show a pseudo election just to please the world that they conduct elections, but the rulers of their dynasty hold power forever.

 There are usually two or more influential political parties that come to power alternately elected, but in some cases, there are independent candidates who are more genuine, educated, and willing to work for the betterment of the people.  There is a need to raise awareness among the people about these individual candidates.  The people must understand that these independent candidates really want to serve the people and can be held accountable without any corruption.  The people should support candidates with a global outlook for development and a nationalist outlook for the welfare of all humanity.  To serve the people, more independent candidates must unite with a true conscience and challenge the influential corrupt parties.

    The value of the vote should be brought by leaders who must adhere to the values ​​of peaceful coexistence, a pollution-free environment, and world peace and prosperity among nations.

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