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Ranking Harry’s House by Harry Styles

It’s been over a month since Harry’s House, the junior album by music sensation Harry Styles, was released. The streams for this album have been incredible, as Harry’s fans (called harries) obsess over the new album. It’s hard to decide what is the best song on the album, seeing as each one feels more perfect than the last. Here is my personal ranking after spending the past few weeks playing it non stop.

1. “Matilda”

“Matilda” is the seventh song on the album, and is the most heartbreaking as well. “Matilda” is based on the children’s story of the same name, but was based on someone in Styles’ own life. The comforting nature of the song has reached out to fans across the globe, and there’s rarely a dry eye as he gets to the last chorus. This song is beautifully written and incredibly creative, earning it the top spot.

2. “Keep Driving”

This song is incredibly catchy, with lyrics that feel random but somehow work together. It’s strangely romantic without being a love song necessarily, and you can’t help but sway to the beat. It’s the perfect song to drive in the summer to, or just to listen to anywhere.

3. “Little Freak”

The other sad song on the album, “Little Freak” show Styles reminiscing on a past person in his life. It takes the unique view of not missing the relationship or wondering what could’ve been, it’s just him wondering how the person is doing now and remarking on the lack of intimacy they had. It’s incredibly personal, yet feels universal, earning it a top three spot.

4. “Satellite”

While the idea of a song about not being able to get to someone as badly as you want to, the beat of this song is unbelievably catchy. The breakdown after the bridge is to die for, and is enough to distract you from the sad nature of the song.

5. “Daylight”

Who doesn’t love hearing Harry Styles sing sweet, romantic lyrics? He’s already so swoon worthy, and this song doubles that. He sings about how he wishes to be with his significant other all the time, singing “you’d be the spoon, dip you in honey so I could be sticking to you”. It’s so cute and well written, making you want to play it time and time again.

6. “Boyfriends”

“Boyfriends” first debuted when Styles’ performed at Coachella in April, but wasn’t officially released until the album was. It stole everyone’s hearts when he first played it. It’s a song about the trouble boyfriends cause, and how you love the hurt they give you. What’s most remarkable about it is the tight harmonies in it that he sings with the women in his band. Additionally, the main instrument in it is an acoustic guitar, which adds to the beauty of it.

7. “Grapejuice”

“Grapejuice” is one that grows on you after a while. It wasn’t my favorite after the first listen, but as I listen more the more I appreciate it. It compares a relationship and how it evolves to wine and how it gets better with age, so the lyricism is what really makes the song pop. It makes you want to slow dance in Italy, which makes sense given all the time Styles spent in Italy while working on the album.

8. “Music For a Sushi Restaurant”

If you’ve seen the recent Apple Airpods ad, then you’ve probably heard “Music For a Sushi Restaurant”. It has been heavily considered a song that sounds like it was made for an ad, but it’s so catchy that you don’t really care. The lyrics in this song are good, singing about lust and love for someone in his life, but it really is the beat that cements this song in your brain. 

9. “Love of My Life”

According to Styles, “Love of My Life” was written about his homeland, England, and how he misses it when he’s away so often. While it might be written about a country, it also makes sense being about a real love of your life. It’s a creative song, and it ends the album perfectly. Additionally, the melody at the end of the song was played in the album announcement, which makes it feel all the more sentimental.

10. “Late Night Talking”

Another one that debuted at Coachella, “Late Night Talking” is an absolute earworm. Following the themes in this album about new love, you really feel the excitement of starting a new relationship in this song. It’s hard not to dance to it, which makes its debut at Coachella the perfect place for it. It’s a great one on the album, and an absolute standout when it’s played live.

11. “Daydreaming”

“Daydreaming” is a fun song about falling in love with someone and how it “gives you something to dream about”, but it’s not one of the most memorable songs on the album. You love it when you listen to it, but not many people will be naming it when they talk about what made Harry’s House so great due to all the other standout songs. 

12. “As It Was”

“As It Was” was the first song released, but it being twelfth on the ranking is more of my own fault. Because it was the first and only song released as a single, it was being played on repeat in the weeks leading up to the album. Because of that, now that we have the others it falls slightly flat, but more so because it’s no longer a shiny new toy.

13. “Cinema”

Styles sings about wanting and being wanted in “Cinema”, and some of the lyrics like “I like it when you dance for me” and “you’re getting yourself wet for me” do make your jaw drop. Earning the lowest spot on the ranking makes it sound like it’s a bad song, but it’s more that it’s not as good as the others. It’s a cool song, but by the end it does feel slightly repetitive. 

Well, there it is: 13 of the best songs ranked. Putting anything on the bottom feels almost sacrilegious seeing as each one is fantastic, but there are some true standouts of the album that deserve those top spots. It’s easy to assume that this will be a Grammy and award season contender, and will end up as one of the most streamed and bought albums of the year, given its track record so far. If you haven’t yet, do yourself the pleasure of listening to Harry’s House.

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