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Seek Knowledge, Expand Your Horizon

One of the shocking truths I learned in college was that the sun does not rise from the east, even though from man’s perspective, it does. Geography taught that the earth rotates from east to west. So ‌the sun only appears to rise from the east because the earth rotates towards the east. This rotation, however, makes the sun change its direction of contact with the Earth. Giving rise to day and night; changes in season.


In addition, I read about the convincing shreds of evidence that the earth is spherical. The rise and fall of the tide, circumnavigation, aerial photography from space, lunar eclipse, different time zones, and many other proofs. 


Beforehand, I also believed like many in the past, before science shed its light on the matter, that there is a spot in the universe where one can fall off to hell. My openness to learn greatly expanded my horizon in college; reorientating me about the truth of the world I live in.


Looking at my life in retrospect, I discovered that our approach to life is primarily a function of our knowledge base and readiness to learn and unlearn. The more we know, the more possibilities we can embrace. Openness to knowledge allows us to entertain new thoughts, even when they challenge what we know. Man’s duty is not to treasure an idea but to be a relentless seeker of the truth.


A wise man knows that there is no ceiling to knowledge. Every day is a new privilege to step into unknown territories. A new chance to refine and redefine what he already knows. Learning is like air to him, very essential to living. How can one live without learning and stretching his mind, he asks?


A fool welcomes nothing that challenges his opinion. He is contented with what he knows, and nothing can trump his stance regardless of worthy pieces of evidence available. He is an island of knowledge. His statements cannot be overruled.



At home, on the street, in public spaces, and even at the workplace, we meet with people that do not share our history and background. We deal with individuals whose idiosyncrasies are variant from ours. Being social animals, events like projects, meetings, conversations, games, ceremonies, seminars, and campaigns bring us into close rapport with people. In relating with each other, our different views and ideologies about how things should be or be done are easily highlighted. A norm to one, is a taboo to another, while a joke to one might be a serious issue to another.


Without care and caution, simple matters can degenerate into fights, arguments, and even hatred toward a group. Disagreement cannot be avoided in any space where everyone holds their truth to be absolute. One opinionated that he is rational and that other people’s assertions are inferior to his. He asks, why cannot everyone acknowledge his truth? Here is the problem, everyone thinks the same.


Understanding the illustration of the sun and man’s primary notion of its relationship with the earth before and after science might be the solution to usher man into an eternal life of peace and harmony with everyone around him.


Before scientific claims, a man wakes up to the call of sun rays from the east, signaling a new day. Visibly, the sun rises from the east because, for years, it has done so. Nothing can be said to convince a man that the sun does not move. To tell him that the earth rotates around the sun will be a show of foolishness because this truth negates what is seen. To him, the Earth is stationary, and the sun moves around it. 


In our day-to-day activities, we draw conclusions about people, things, and events based on what can be observed. Although our ability to keenly observe and form quick judgment played a significant role in the survival of our forebears who lived when the conditions for living were hostile, we must be careful to know that there is more than meet the eye. What is seen is rarely the full picture of what is truly happening. Acting based on the information fed to our optical eyes is the root of our worries, anxieties, and fights with others.


After scientific discoveries and assertions, imagine the regrets of older people who, in their prime, were restricted to a geographical location because of the prevalent idea that the world is flat. Consider the jealousy and envy they possibly nursed towards the youths that travel the length and breadth of the earth knowing that the sun does not rise from the east; instead, the Earth is spherical, and its rotation from east to west causes a change in the direction of the sun. Hence, it rises and sets.


If there is one thing that science has proven over time, it is that truth defies general opinion. Science is redefining how we live and relate to different environmental phenomena. This was the case when I also discovered that the sun is green even though it appears white in space. 


It is helpful to acknowledge that what we know is not absolute, and our perspective on issues is relative to our background and what we have experienced. In every setting, present your thought and be ready to entertain and consider other people’s views. Remember, you do not need to fight anyone whose take on a topic or issue differs from yours. Present your points with proven facts. Leave people to decide what to believe and accept.


In conclusion, exercise patience and be ready to give listening ears to people around you. A hasty conclusion drawn from what is superficial can be detrimental to fostering peace and unity. Remember, without knowledge, the sun rises from the east and sets from the west; with knowledge founded on science and research, the earth revolves around the sun. The Earth’s position relative to the sun tells whether it is day or night. The truth cannot be unknown forever. It is only a pity that some will recognize it later; worse, many will die not knowing the truth.



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