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Should The Government Bring Back Corporal Punishment In Schools?

Teachers should receive the highest income hence they are the ones who make people whom they want to be. It is because of them we have doctors, lawyers, etc. With bullying of teachers taking its toll in schools teachers now no longer feel safe in their working environment. I had had an interview where I asked teachers at Khanya Lesedi Secondary school about how they felt about the whole issue. Mr. Mashiloane who is a teacher in the stated school said that “ I have never been subjected to bullying in my workplace, but I would like if the government could employ people who are trained to deal with violence so that even if a teacher is being attacked by a learner there is someone who knows how to deal with the situation”.

He continued to say “ I do not believe corporal punishment should be implemented to combat the bullying of teachers hence this could make matters worse". Mr. Makgolane also from the stated school was interviewed, he said "those classrooms are not safe as some learners take drugs even at school premisses, so one can not guarantee their safety hence you are not working with people who are not sober-minded. He continued to say that “corporal punishment would not solve problems teachers are faced with daily. Hence they can not fight fire with fire.  According to the South African  Constitution of nineteen ninety-six section, twenty-nine subsection one A "everyone has the right to basic education, including adult basic education," one would ask at what cost? As teachers' rights are violated this much. 

The right does not protect teachers it only protects pupils. Is it okay for teachers to give learners work and learners do not do it? Must the teacher continue with the lesson or just ignore that? In such instances, teachers end up being attacked by pupils saying that they are not going to be told what to do by a person who is not their parent. That is when commotion starts and the teacher is no longer respected as other learners present see that there is a person who does not do as the teacher says. One would even think about how education was a priority back then as compared to now because there was corporal punishment and schools were for learning, not a place where a learner could just do as they please.

All this simply means that certain laws must be put in place, which will protect teachers hence corporal punishment which was a way teachers used back in the day can not be used.


 By Lebohang Motshweneng

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