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As many business owners will know, going remote is one of the best choices to make. A lot of businesses today have started operating remotely, and sometimes they are only available online. This is advantageous, because it is believed that once you have cracked how the software operates, starting a physical store will be a piece of cake.


However, as much as remote jobs have their advantages, most people are neglecting the negative side effects that come with working remote jobs. It is true that there are many advantages to working online, like not having to commute – thus avoiding the throng of early-morning traffic – not needing to leave your house, and working flexible hours, thus leaving more time for personal life.


Nevertheless, constantly being at home has a lot of bad impacts on one’s health. For example, with one’s eyes glued to the screen where all the work happens, one’s sight can easily deteriorate. The worst part is that, being a remote worker, there is not much of an incentive to dress up and maintain good health, as you do not have to see co-workers or clients in person.


Imagine this scenario – you drag yourself out of bed at 10 a.m., and without bothering to take a bath, you make coffee and prepare an instant meal. Still in your pajamas, you finally move to your desk and commence work for the day. You stay glued to your seat for hours until the work is done, by which time the sun has set and it’s time to make dinner. It is clear that working remotely may be more comfortable in the short run, but has harmful impacts on one’s health and social life in the long run. In addition to the social problems caused by online jobs, taking a business completely online can also carry great financial risk.


While having an online presence is good, having something to call yours in the real world alongside the digital world is much better. In case things go south with your online business, you will have something physical to fall back on.


I was going through LinkedIn one day, and I saw a user complaining to UPWORK about how his whole family was struggling financially because his Upwork account had been blocked. According to this worker, he had thousands of dollars in that account from previous jobs, but he couldn't access it because the account was blocked. If this individual channeled the money he earned from previous jobs into something else, maybe a small store for provisions or clothes, he would have had something to return to while waiting for his work to return his account & money.


In essence, what am I trying to say? Remote jobs are great. But, while striving to make something for yourself in the remote world, similarly create something for yourself, in the physical world. This refers not only to your business, but to your social life as well – maintain those physical bonds with the outside world that gives life colour.

Start remote and stay physical.


BY: Favour Chukwuezi.

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