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The Beauty of Belief……..

We hope and trust, thoroughly throw yourself into a system that allows you to be whom you want to be. It is the best feeling in the world. To have something to look forward to, to have a refuge and a safe space. To have the care and the protection of a higher power and the guarantee that no matter how bad the world is, we will always have something to look forward to. Something that makes the wait worthwhile. The topic of religion, belief, and faith is a very sensitive one, so I will tread on thin ice with this one. But it is all very exciting as well to understand how we blindly walk in the ways that are “righteous”, how we choose right or wrong not based on personal preference but on a belief system that is our moral compass. 

So what is this guidance that we run to when we are lost, the powers that we believe are capable of watching over us with an aerial view of the world? Who are we without these forces? Who are we without them? What are we capable of achieving with them? Where do we go, and how far can we go as they guide us? Why do we heavily depend on them despite the displeasure and suffering it sometimes brings us? The great humane question – what do we want from life? – is what we all hope to find. That quest unites and divides us in what seems to be life’s greatest paradox—that the one thing that we all want and believe in does not allow us to live together in harmony. 

I read the Ten Commandments when I was young and the New Testament as I got older and needed more grace. Yes, temptation gets the best of us and we often wonder how and when we got to be that lost in the search for adequacy, relevance, and approval. We want it from the world because it helps us get by, but religion teaches us it comes from a higher power. The one we run to when we are lost and heavily burdened by the weight of fitting in, belonging, and having access. All of life’s means to survival are what we want so desperately yet fear so much. Our faith and beliefs can never allow us to love a little more than we need to, never for selfish reasons, but only to survive or extend a hand to those without. Yes, faith and belief are a beautiful solace, a way to belong, a means to gain access and a place to call home—a safe refuge.

I have lived my whole life on faith-based principles.  

We all want to plan our lives, grand plans with grand results that bring us prosperity, success, joy and peace. The full package, the real deal, and more often than not never failures but just one achievement after the other. The Lessons, the battles, the changes and seasons are never on navigation maps, we know they exist but we would rather not have to live through them. We love to bask in glory that comes with good fortune and to boast of battles won, never the trials only the triumph. We don’t want it to be all in vain, we cannot suffer in vain or else what is the point. But our faith reminds us that all our suffering is for the strengthening of what we believe in, so even when we do not witness the victories of our triumph, we can be assured that we have been saved from an even greater suffering than the one we are enduring. We can be sure that what we see as a closed door is an end to a chapter to make way to a new one that brings greater rewards that we shall realize in the future. Or rather we may have been redirected from a path that was not ours that we had taken. Hence the journey continues according to the perfect will of a Greater Power. And our faith trusts so willingly knowing that whatever we achieve in life set in motion and determined by the Power that we have put our trust in.


And yet despite all this we are still divided by our trust in the higher power. Not trusting the process through which the greater should be transcending, we have chosen to communicate the will of our different faiths in conflicting ways. So we refuse to unite against a common evil, injustice, and decide each faith in its own how to denounce it and fight it in as much as our comforts are similar.



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