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The far reaching impact of cinema

We are all mesmerized by the big screen. We use movies as means to slip into a fantasy world away from the realities of life.


Whenever there is a long weekend coming, I sit down with a pen and paper ( yes, I still use pen and paper. Excuse me for being old school!) and note down all the movies that have been released on OTT platforms and decide to watch them that weekend.

Some movies leave us rolling and laughing on the floor while some deliver such a stellar viewpoint that we are forced to look at things from a different perspective. Some are dramatic enough to make us weep, while some leave us with a feeling of satisfaction.

Have you ever watched a movie and went, “that was worth all my money”?

Have you ever said, “ I didn’t even know about this until I watched that movie”?

In any case, whether you like the movie or not, you have experienced cinema. Cinema in its purest form comes with poignant performances, breathtaking cinematography, and outstanding direction. Of course, that’s not all. Every man involved in its making makes cinema a masterful art.

Every movie comes with an essence. You either enjoy its energy or you don’t. But movies aren’t that simple. Cinema isn’t that simple. It goes beyond mere entertainment. Did you observe how a movie can cause a trend? This could range from a hairstyle to a dance step. People will follow their favorite actors or actresses’ mannerisms as well.

Whenever you watch a movie, you take back something with you. That might be a lesson, a change in attitude, or just a popcorn packet!

But have you ever wondered: can cinema impact the crowd? Can cinema change your attitude? Can cinema be a form of education?

There is a world in cinema that is beyond entertainment. Some movies question us and leave us with a taste of truth, that makes us work towards a change, that inspires us to be more receptive to new experiences.

We can comfortably say that the effect of movies on people is vast.

Before we discuss movies that have impacted many lives, let us understand how cinema originated. To understand the scope of beauty in anything, one must first know its origin. I’m a mass media student, and as a part of my syllabus, I have learned a lot about cinema including its origin, which probably won’t be an interesting topic for you. Nevertheless, infotainment is the goal of this article. After a boring explanation, we will skip to spicy discussions about famous movies and their impact.

How did cinema start?

India witnessed its first motion picture in the late 1910s and was introduced by Dada Saheb Phalke, through the film ‘Raja Harish Chandra. Although a silent film, it started a fire of interest in cinema that burns bright even today. Later sound and color developed in movies such as Alam Ara and Kisan Kanya respectively. Then came the golden era in the 1960s.

This period was marked by parallel cinema. Parallel cinema is similar to art films. They are more story and content-based. Snippets were taken from Bengali literature. This was the time when directors such as Satyajit Ray and Ritwik Ghatak made stellar movies.

Then came movies such as Sholay that portrayed machoism and were characterized by dance, fights, songs, and drama.

Have I bored you? That is it for origin. It is time to spice things up.

In my life, cinema has had a huge impact. I have learned lessons from movies that my school didn’t teach me. When you read books, there is learning but with movies, you feel the impact. You experience emotion.

Movies that have had a global impact:

The first movie that comes into my mind is Uri: The Surgical Strike. An overwhelming movie leaving the audience with a taste of patriotism. Many were unaware of such an incident taking place. The movie not only made us weep but also informed us about an important event in the history of India.

Kaho Naa Pyar hai brought leather pants into the lives of people. Western movies introduced us to cowboy hats, bootcut pants, and horses. Traditional clothes were replaced by sexy ones.

Is it okay to assume that the youth of our country is easily swooned by cinema? We learn dialogues, imitate dance steps, and change our whole look based on movies.

Do you remember how we were obsessed with the pooh character in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham? It brought a trend of dresses and straightened hair. Shahrukh khan’s way of opening his arms wide open with a style became universal. Boys all over India still copy it.

Dil Chahta hai made Goa's tourism rich. Even today, people visit that fort where the shooting took place and recreate the image with their friends. So it is true that movies can also impact tourism.

Jab we met showed Manali so beautifully that people booked a ticket immediately after watching the movie.

Have you watched Taare Zameen Par? This movie influenced a large population. It helped parents understand disorders and educated them about the concept of actual learning. If you judge a fish by its tree-climbing ability, it will always be stupid. We are all well versed in different fields and the movie delivered this with such simplicity.

3 Idiots is perhaps the most famous among all the movies I have listed. It taught many lessons during its three-hour-long projection. But it also gave me unrealistic expectations of my friends. It is easy to find a silencer but not easy to find a rancho!

So far we have discussed the positive effects of movies, but there are 2 sides to every coin. Movies have also brought negative impacts. Certain movies showcase events and songs that are inappropriate as appropriate.

So far, I have proved the impact of movies. Now that you are aware of the impact it can cause, do you think we can blame negative trends on cinemas?

Someone can learn negative behaviors, especially children through cinema. In some movies, you might have seen a boy eve-teasing a girl and then that girl falls in love with that boy. Doesn’t this reflect wrong learning? No, girls do not like it when you harass them. Stalking them is not romantic. But what did the youth learn? To stalk a girl because that is how Shahrukh Khan won over the girl.

Not all movies show us negative actions from a positive lens. There is also a movie such as  Darr that shows stalking as dangerous.

But it is also true that there are movies such as Kabir Singh that show all negativity in a good light. This movie is filled with inappropriate moments. The guy not only kisses the girl without consent but also hits her. According to him, that’s love. He is shown to have anger issues that he is unable to control. He turns to alcoholism and practices medicine but that is justified, why? Because he is an excellent doctor.

There was quite a lot of buzz around this topic when an actress commented on the movie and called it inappropriate. The opinion of people is divided. Some might condemn the movie while some feel that it is just a movie and it shouldn’t be taken as anything but creative work.

In my opinion, films have always brought huge waves of changes and trends. If one is a filmmaker he must understand the responsibility that he is burdened with towards society. It is true that movies must be taken with a pinch of salt but isn’t it also true that we are influenced by movies to such a point that it causes people to believe that what is on the screen is also what should be done in reality.

Let us know in the comment section what you think!


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