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The importance of Female Relationships

Relationships play a significant role in shaping and defining who we are as individuals. They have a profound impact on our personalities and greatly influence human development. Although this is true for all people, it is particularly crucial to emphasize the importance of female relationships in the lives of women. For, highlighting the significance of female relationships to young girls will empower young women to grow up strong-minded. Women serve as influential figures to one another. They are important for imparting wisdom, guidance, and advice to one another.


Media’s Portrayal of Healthy Friendships


To teach young girls the importance of healthy friendships, it's crucial to control the media's spin on female relationships. Displaying healthy female relationships in the media will correctly shape the perceptions and expectations of young girls. 


For instance, television sitcoms like Friends portray a strong bond between three confident and thoughtful women. The show focuses on empowering relationships that uplift and support one another while minimizing petty drama. Such depictions create the desire for young girls to seek out those types of positive bonds in their own lives. 


Conversely, popular high school television drama shows like Gossip Girl often showcase jealousy and manipulation among female characters. These portrayals can mislead young girls into believing that toxic relationships are normal and discourage them from striving for healthier dynamics in their own life. It is vital to showcase female relationships beyond distasteful scenes that revolve around materialistic or superficial conversations. 


By creating more dynamic female relationships in the media with authentic and healthy conversations, women are presented in a more accurate and empowering light for those observing these representations.


Positive Influences


In addition to social media influence, it is crucial to elevate the voices of strong, inspiring women in society. Figures like Beyoncé and Malala Yousafzai exemplify the power of female voices. Beyoncé once expressed, "I love my husband, but there’s nothing like a conversation with a woman that understands you. I grow so much from these conversations." 


Such influential female figures can inspire young girls, even without their direct awareness, just as a strong, supportive, female friendship may have a profound impact on an individual's growth and development.


The Positivity of Female Friendships


Female friendships possess a unique depth and connection that cannot be replicated in relationships with men. While it is healthy for individuals to have friends of both genders, men are generally less likely to form platonic friendships with women unless they have romantic interests. This can result in friendships with ulterior motives, potentially undermining authenticity. 


In contrast, female friendships tend to be built on a foundation of genuine support and understanding. Women share a common bond, often stemming from shared experiences and the challenges they face as a result of prevalent sexism in society. By leaning on one another and seeking guidance from fellow women, they can navigate difficulties more effectively. Being in the presence of women who have endured and persevered can motivate others to follow a similar path of strength and resilience.


The Science and Evidence 


Scientific evidence further supports the importance of female friendships. Mentally, these relationships release serotonin, a neurotransmitter that lifts moods and fosters positive emotions. Women, by nature, possess intuitive qualities and actively seek to boost the self-esteem of their loved ones as an inherent aspect of friendship. 


Moreover, research indicates that women have a stronger intuition and understanding towards other women compared to men. This heightened sense of empathy and emotional connection can be attributed to shared experiences and a mutual understanding of emotions. Furthermore,  Breastcancer.org  explains how strong female relationships have been shown to have physical benefits, such as a higher likelihood of survival.


Virtual Friendships Work Too


The COVID-19 pandemic and its subsequent lockdown highlighted the importance of female friendships. As the world adapted to the “new normal,” virtual platforms like Zoom, invented to maintain connections, many women seized the opportunity to set up virtual meetings with their girlfriends, including those they may not have reached out to under different circumstances. 


The pandemic gave people time to reflect on the importance of their relationships outside of their family. The absence of these friendships due to health concerns served as a reminder of their present significance. These virtual gatherings became a crucial means for women to support and uplift one another during a time of heightened stress, anxiety, and loneliness.


KFF.org, a health policy research company found that “symptoms of anxiety and/or depression were also elevated among women (36%) compared to men (28%).” Therefore, through these interactions, women could share their experiences, vent, and provide emotional support to one another, as well as those who were all dealing with the same struggles. Such interactions provided a much-needed sense of stability during an otherwise uncertain period. 


Overall, the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the loss of friendship relationships due to social distance but ultimately helped people realize how important these relationships are for mental health.


Starting Early


Female relationships, despite their benefits, can be intricate and complex. During a woman’s formative years, these relationships may be accompanied by feelings of contempt or jealousy, often stemming from immaturity and ignorance. This is why during teenage years and younger, healthy female relationships of a healthy nature can be quite rare.


Nevertheless, as women mature, they gain the capacity to actively work on overcoming such negative emotions and learn the importance of supportive connections with other women. While society often emphasizes the importance of finding romantic partners, it is equally important for women to recognize and prioritize valuable traits in their female friendships. These relationships offer emotional support, understanding, and empowerment that fosters personal growth and well-being.




In conclusion, relationships, particularly female relationships, hold immense significance in every person's life. They contribute to the formation of one's identity. It is crucial to promote healthy and empowering female relationships, both in the media and in real-life interactions, as they provide support, understanding, and inspiration. 


By fostering these connections, young women can develop a strong sense of self and navigate life's challenges with resilience, grace, and especially, close ties.

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