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The Legalization of Abortion

Commentary Article

Frederick Opoku Kumi

The Legalization Of Abortion

November 19, 2023


Does legalizing abortion in our liberated 21st-century world in America today make it moral and just? The legalization of abortion has been one of the most controversial topics and political rights for women in history. The Republican political party is the political party that has been against the legalization of abortion for a very long time and has been overturning the law to make Americans not have the right to safe and legal abortion. The Democratic political party is the political party that has been fighting for the legalization of abortion and the rights of women after the Republican political party tried to overturn it. The name of this political case is called Roe vs Wade and it was passed on January 22, 1973, and got overturned on Friday, June 24, 2022. The US Supreme Court were the ones who overturned Roe v. Wade, the landmark piece of legislation that made access to an abortion a federal right in the United States. The decision dismantled 50 years of legal protection and paved the way for individual states to curtail or outright ban abortion rights. “Abortion is a procedure to end stage one, embryonic stage, or stage two, fetus stage, or stage three, pregnancy stage. It uses medicine or surgery to remove the embryo or fetus and placenta from the uterus (healthline june 22). These procedures are done by licensed healthcare professionals. Abortion is moral and should be legalized since it has a lot of beneficial circumstances that can help women in times of healthcare needs or healthcare risks. 

According to the text, (hyperlink) The author Anna K Martin talks about rape victims and the legislative laws about abortion and parental rights that these rape victims have to face in her article “ Making pro-abortion laws pro-choice for female rape victims”(wisconsin journal law 2018). In this article, Martin says, “In America, sexual assault or rape occurs every ninety-eight seconds. Approximately 25,000-32,000 of those rapes result in a child’s conception per year. The lack of legislation protecting these women pressures victims into abortion clinics to avoid years of being legally bound to the men who raped them(..)The interplay between common rape misconceptions and legislation is most obvious regarding the parental rights of rape-conceived children.”(Martin 2). This means that every minute 38 seconds over 30,000 females get raped by mentally unstable men. The lack of legislative laws puts these women at risk and makes them vulnerable to their rapists. As stated in the evidence only one state protects the rape victim from the rapist but apart from that other states don’t seem to care about the rights of women or the protection of women. If these women are not given the right to abort the embryo or fetus, the legislative law ties these women to the rapist and forces these women to build a relationship with these predators. The legislative law also takes away the parental rights of the rape-conceived children which means that the victims of the rape do not have any protection from the law in terms of parental rights making the child of these victims closer to the rapist. These laws support the rapist more than it supports the victim. It also puts the lives of these women in danger since the rapist is going to be very close to them. With such a dangerous person being close to the victim, situations of sexual harassment and abuse can always happen. Therefore, abortion is moral and should be legalized since it has a lot of beneficial circumstances that can help women in times of healthcare needs or healthcare risks.

According to the text, (hyperlink) The author Jill Filipovic talks about political women and her experience with abortion and her fight for abortion in her article. “ With Pro, Katha Pollitt gives abortion rights movement its Modern credo pro: reclaiming abortion rights by Katha Pollitt. New york picador 2014”. In this evidence Jill Filipovic talks about, “There was Wendy Davis, who gained political prominence for filibustering a restrictive Texas abortion law while wearing pink running shoes; during her campaign for governor of Texas, she wrote a memoir that included a story about the wanted pregnancy she terminated because of severe fetal complications. (..) The Texas law that Davis filibustered passed anyway and could leave the state with fewer than ten abortion clinics; women in rural Texas may have to drive hundreds of miles for a legal procedure”(Filipovic 2). This means that one of the most influential women in politics did the procedure of abortion. This is very important because a lot of women that have done this procedure of abortion tend to be very ashamed of their actions and don’t tend to have a lot of role models that these victims of abortion can look up to. Women like Wendy Davis, Cecile Richard, and Laurice Abraham are all very powerful and strong women that victims of abortion can look up to and take pride in their actions. It also states in the evidence that fetal implications were some of the reasons why Wendy Davis terminated the pregnancy. The decline of health in pregnant women tends to be very common and if abortion is not legal these women can lose their lives in the process of delivering the baby. After Wendy fought for the legalization of abortion, the legislative branch still pushed laws to limit women's right to abortion and force women that are in need of abortion in Texas to drive to another state to get a safe and legal abortion. These laws limited abortion centers to 10 in Texas. Therefore , abortion is moral and should be legalized since it has a lot of beneficial circumstances that can help women in times of healthcare needs or healthcare risks.

The opposing side might say that abortion is bad because it is the killing of a baby and that their religious beliefs say that they, “shall not kill.” But their most common religious book, the Catholic Bible,  states a scenario where abortion is being done and it states a scenario where women have to marry their rapist. When you read Deuteronomy 22:28-29, it says if a man finds a young woman who is a virgin, who is not betrothed, and he seizes her and lies with her, and they are found out, then the man who lay with her shall give the young women’s father fifty shekels of silver, and she shall be his wife because he has humbled her; he shall not be permitted to divorce her all his days (Holy Bible 22:28-29). This right here is a scenario of a woman being forced to marry her rapist. Which is horrible and just sad. Another scenario is number 5 in the bible where it says the priest shall say to the woman if you have not had sex with a man who is not your husband, God will make your thigh rot and your belly swell. And this water that causes the curse will go into your bowels and make your belly swell and your thigh rot and the woman shall say amen( Holy bible 5:19-27). This is a scenario of a priest performing an abortion on a woman. Their claim of the anti-abortionist using religion to defend their opposition is very weak. This book that they rely on is not in the best interest of women and does not care about the rights of women in any way shape or form. We cannot rely on this book as a country with a political system to legalize abortion in any way shape or form since this book does not think about the different circumstances where abortion is the best solution for a woman. The followers of this book ignore basic facts and also do not think about the different circumstances where abortion is the best solution for a woman. This is an old book that is not needed for our modern world.


In conclusion, abortion should be legal because it is the personal right of women. Women face a lot of hardships and problems in this world that coincide with their fertility and that is the reason why abortion is moral and should be legal in all states in America. Trauma, fetal implications, rape, bad legislative laws about rape and abortion, and poverty are the main reason why our political system should willing to give these women their rights back. It is their body and personal decision for them to make. Women deserve better under this political system. Abortion is moral and just since it fits the right circumstance that can help benefit humanity and solve a lot of problems that we have in terms of women’s healthcare.

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