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The Secret Behind Big Cats Roaming The UK


With our vivid imaginations, our brains can go into overdrive. When we think we've seen something that maybe none native to this country roaming our beautiful countryside. Paul Macdonald runs a Facebook group in Scotland.


He claims, "Over a period, there have been direct reports of 850 sightings reported of none native species from across the length and breadth of the country."


It is an estimated detailed look at how these sightings come about; not all reports are taken seriously due to a lack of evidence.


With most phones having a camera now, it is easy to provide excellent photographs to catch unexplained things. But why can't we seem to get the photos to give us the evidence that these mysterious cats do roam the countryside?


Looking at detailed photographs, it's pretty clear some are good photoshop jobs, and some are real. Not everybody will carry a phone to catch these big cats on the loose; from my knowledge, most sightings are genuine.


These animals are genuinely urban instead of the many rural leopards and pumas. Both leopards and pumas ranges overlap in most countryside or urban areas using the railway line a lot and may lay up in parts during the day.


A local Facebook group that goes around the country searching for big cats cleared up this evidence. You can see how big this carcass is in the pictures. Some think it's a domestic cat or a small dog;


They are limiting contact with us, which could explain why we rarely have no clear proof. Many people are secretive with their activities and don't release the data, making the facts unclear. One thing that is obvious is there's more to it than meets the eye; with technology improving, maybe one day all these sightings will be proven and not be just down-to-eye accounts or verbal say.

There is no doubt that most sightings are verified, and some are not. In the meantime, we're stuck with word-of-mouth until camera lenses on phones improve at capturing high-quality images.















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