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The true spirit of Christmas!

“A merry heart does good like medicine.”

– Proverbs 17:22


We've arrived at that magical time of the year again, a time of delight, serenity, and good news. This is the season when we commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ the King, the redeemer! Baby Jesus was born in Bethlehem, and we celebrate Christmas to honor the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas isn't merely an occasion for celebrations. There's a lot more to it than that. It is a moment for everlasting topics to be contemplated. The Christmas season is one of compassion and forgiveness. Father Christmas, famously known as Santa Claus is believed to be distributing gifts all around the world to little children and send loads of holiday cheer to every household.

Christians believe Christmas is the time for redemption where every individual is provided the chance to look back and ask for forgiveness, be grateful and appreciate God's love for humanity. The Christmas spirit is a generous heart, a love that is wide open and thinks of others first. Because it signified the pouring into a sick world of the healing medicine of love, which has altered all manner of hearts for nearly two thousand years, the birth of the infant Jesus ranks as the most momentous event in all history.

The entire globe is gearing up for Christmas and the arrival of the New Year. After all, both are fantastic opportunities for everyone. Both are significant for spiritual and societal reasons.

I overheard three folks talking about December this month, and they have said the same thing: "Oh my, it's December, an expensive month." This piqued my interest; why are people complaining about a costly season though rather than celebrating the fact that Christmas is approaching? We exchange gifts, but do we truly understand what Christmas has always been about? "Love your neighbour as yourself," Jesus urged.

The true spirit of Christmas is said to be the one where we all share and give, to understand why Christmas is the season of giving, we need to understand the culture and tradition behind this celebration. The main purpose of celebrating Christmas is the birth of Jesus, who is seen as the gift to the world' that is God gave the world his son, and that is why Christmas is seen as the season of giving, Christmas teaches us the real meaning of unconditional love. The merry and the cheer is more lived through giving and sharing.

If we endeavor to embrace this road of love, sacrifice, and repentance, Christmas will come true for us. How many times have we been irritated and then had folks turn on us? How many times have we been dissatisfied and envious of someone who surpasses us? When others unfairly target us with their obnoxious behaviour, we become angry. Christmas, on the other hand, brings us a sense of hope and compassion this season.

Christmas celebrations are a constant source of excitement and enjoyment for everyone involved. Some people use this time to pray and meditate, while others use it to eat and drink. It is a much-needed break for working folks. Children anticipate the goodies that Father Christmas will bring them. It can be seen, each person has a personal stake in Christmas and the New Year.

In addition to the fun that these holidays provide, individuals should learn about the actual meaning of these events and attempt to follow them.

Offer a little of yourself and your family as a unique present. Giving back to others is a wonderful way to convey happiness and love. Volunteering in a nursing facility, orphanage, women's shelter, or homeless shelter over the holidays is excellent for the spirit and may also be a fantastic bonding experience for your children and family. Smiles are ubiquitous, and they're a free present you may give to the ones who may not be able to spend as much time with their loved ones during the holidays. We are required to set aside time throughout the Christmas season to reflect on everlasting matters; that is, we must remember that we are visitors on this planet and that our true home is in paradise. And that we will all perish one day, regardless of how long we live.

Christmas in many cultures and nations is also seen as a welcome ceremony to honor the reception of better days and prosperity. It is the start to the end of the long winters and the beginning of warmer, sunny days filled with an abundance of harvest, this brings opulence to the civilizations, therefore, it is indeed a very joyous period not only to Christians but to all.

Christmas brings everyone together where we all share and give gifts to one another, but Christmas is more than just that. Christmas is about all baking cookies and watching our kids bring out the weirdest cookie shapes. Christmas at the end of the day is about spending enough time with your family, making memories that will take you along in the coming year.

December 25th is one of the most joyous days of the year and it truly celebrates the good the world holds, it's that time of the year when all the streets, houses, and buildings are covered with lights, and the wind carries the scent of candy and bells ring and kids sing. The planet will be a lot better place to live in if people begin to love one another as fellow human beings, regardless of country, ethnicity, socioeconomic background, or sexual identity. When people grow more compassionate toward others and regard them as family, there will be no conflicts or disputes. There would be no bitter sentiments remaining and everyone will be happy if everyone learns to forgive others for their misdoings.


A society with such a calm and caring spirit would achieve absolute poverty elimination, as well as progress and prosperity for everybody. This isn't a pipe dream; it's a possibility if everyone understands and embraces the actual spirit of Christmas.

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