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The Unspoken Truth Of Being A Newly Graduate

From primary years to highschool, the youth is taught about the importance of tertiary education and graduation.  Therewith reality, the main focus digresses from what the youth should be thinking about- (which is life after tertiary level) instead, everything then becomes more about completing your studies and graduating. But real talk? Life after graduation isn’t as easy as the people around you make it out to be.  

Apart from the support you receive from your loved ones, mentors and teachers throughout your years in university or college, nobody ever really prepares you for what to expect within the real world- with regard to the difficulties one faces when trying to find employment under your career of study. With this in mind, newly graduates encounter many unspoken problems that negatively impact their lives thanks to lack of preparation and lessons on the journey of finding employment after tertiary education.

According to Naudia Whitaker, author of The Effects Of Unemployment On College Students- After graduating from college or university, students are compelled to regulate to a transition period- which includes them having to live an unsheltered life as an adult and start making life decisions. Likewise, this sort of transition requires a coping skill which the youth is never taught throughout their years of study at school.

While some manage to leap right into employment after graduating, many remain in anxiety and fear of whether they’ll find employment- thus leading to emotional instability and psychological effects like depression, low self-esteem, lack of confidence and dignity.

A Durban University of Technology Journalism graduate, Thembekile Molefe says, although she’s a newly graduate she already fears long-time unemployment, since getting a job is hard.  “Being out of university and having to work out my life is frightening. I am not mentally ready for all the strain and anxiety that comes with it,” she said.

After being thrown in a very constant cycle for years, which causes you to believe that the only way to succeed in this life and acquire a well-paying job is by obtaining a degree- Newly graduates continue living with the anxiety and therefore the concept that they haven’t succeeded in anything if they don’t have employment to point out for it.

Despite getting an opportunity to receive tertiary level education, newly graduates are finding it hard to pursue careers in their desired field of study because of the emotional effects of unemployment, and therefore the negative feedback from the labor market.  If the thought of ‘graduating’ continues to be instilled as the only important thing after high school- Then our education system must improve in terms of what it teaches the youth.


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